Ofra Sunset Beach, Aries & Santa Ana Liquid Lipstick

I've been slowly working through my liquid lipstick wishlist and after I tried the Kat Von D ones it was time for the next ones on my list, the Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks. At first I only got one but I loved that one so much I decided that I could justify buying more. I went on www.boozyshop.nl to buy one of the Ofra x Manny Mua ones but obviously I couldn't only buy one. I searched the site and found Sunset Beach for 50% off. Those two went in my basket and now I'm showing you all three of them.
Santa Ana is the one that I bought first, that's why it's in the old packaging. The other two are in the new Ofra packaging. The new ones are longer, contain more product and have a better brush (in my opinion).Sunset Beach, Santa Ana and Aries.
Sunset Beach is a gorgeous bright red shade with a little bit of orange under tones in it. I only bought this because it was the most normal colour that was on sale  (my other options were green and blue) if I'm honest but I'm pleasantly surprised. This shade is very pretty red and perfect for summer. Then we have Santa Ana, a bright reddish pink shade. This shade is very me and very autumnal. I won't wear this as much right now but I think this will become one of my staples around october. The last one is from the Ofra x Manny Mua line. Originally I wanted to get Charmed but that one was sold out already. I looked up swatches of the other two shades and went for Aries, a light peachy pink nude. I was afraid this would be way too light for me but it worked out great. This is gorgeous nude for light skin tones like mine.

I'm a big fan of these liquid lipsticks. The colour range is amazing and I'm love the wand to apply them with. It's very small and works very precise. The texture is a little bit thicker then the Kat von D ones and they don't last as long. They still last for about four/five hours and luckily you can reapply very easily. I think I still prefer the Kat von D liquid lipstick but these one are way easier to buy if you live in the Netherlands like me.

You can buy the Ofra Liquid Lipsticks for €19,95.

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