Things I've Been Watching #7

Good morning to everyone, today on this last Sunday of May it's time for another 'Things I've Been Watching'-post. The seventh one already. This time I watched a lot of Disney movies and only one season of a series.
The series I watched is Chicago Fire. I finally saw season 3 and I really got into it. There was a time when I was addicted to this series but for some reason that addiction disappeared. Now I got really into it again, I watch both the third and fourth season in one week and I loved it. It's really good and I'm kind of sad I have to wait until November for new episodes.
IMBD score: 7,9 | My score: 8.
When I saw the trailer of the live action Jungle Book movie I got tears in my eyes. Jungle Book was one of the few movies both me and my little brothers liked so we watched it a ton. I was really excited for this movie and it didn't disappoint. I watched this in 3D but I didn't really feel like it was adding something. Without 3D it would have been just as good. The CGI was amazing and I loved that they incorporated the original songs. I loved this movie and I cannot wait for all the other live action movies Disney will bring out during the next years.
IMBD score: 7,9 | My score: 9. Alice in Wonderland is a movie I've watched before, I actually watched in the cinemas. Now with part two coming out six years later I watched it again. It was airing on television so I thought, why not? I haven't seen the original Disney movie from 1951 in ages but after watching this I really want to. In this new adaption (that is already six years old, times goes fast) there is a very short flashback to the story from the 1951 movie, obviously with real actors but it really made me want to watch the cartoon one again. I even started humming the song about painting the roses. I like this new one but I do think the animation isn't great, especially after I've seen The Jungle Book which is just amazingly beautiful. The story is nice, I like the actors and overall it's a good movie.
IMBD score: 6,5 | My score: 6,5 And another Disney movie, this time an animation one. Zootopia is about a rabbit called Judy who becomes the first bunny police officer. To keep her job she has to find a missing mammal and while searching she discover a much bigger crime. I loves this movie because it had a lot of humor and lot of movie references. I mean, the breaking bad reference was hilarious. A very funny movie that I think everyone will enjoy.
IMBD score: 8,3 | My score: 8,5 Surprise, surprise, another Disney movie. Thumbelina is a Disney movie from 1994 and I thought I didn't watch it. Well once I started it I discovered I actually watched it and when I asked my dad, he told me we even had it on video when I was little and that this was one of my favourite movies. I had no idea, funny how you forget things like that so easily. Thumbelina is about a girl who is literally as big as a thumb, she meets a fairy prince whom she wants to marry but gets kidnapped by frogs. She's trying to get home but the creatures living in the woods make it very difficult. This is a typical child movie without much of a story but I still liked it. It made me all warm and fuzzy inside. A typical Disney movie that made me want to watch all the other classics.
IMBD score: 6,3 | My score: 6,0
Then finally a none Disney movie. Madame Bovary is about a woman who marries a country doctor but gets bored in that marriage. She starts several affairs and that's really all I can say without spoiling the end. I didn't love this movie but I also didn't hate it. It was a nice watch but I wouldn't go to my friends and make them watch it. The book this movie is made after is supposed to be one of the greatest works of fiction of all time but it didn't get me at all. The story wasn't great and I wouldn't read the book after watching this. Something I did really like was that Laura Carmichael played in it, I think she's a great actress so I got really excited when she appeared. Also Paul Giamatti has a role in the movie, he looks a lot like the father of a friend of mine so every time he pops up on screen I get the giggles.
IMBD score: 5,7 | My score: 6,0 The last movie in this post is The Lucky One. I believe this is a Nicholas Sparks movie and it has been on my to watch list for a while. The Lucky One is about a soldier who finds a photo on the battlefield. When he returns to America he's determined to find the woman on the photo. When he finds her he's scared to tell her the truth, especially after they start a relationship. This is definitely one of those typical Nicholas Sparks movies, two people get together, they get in a fight and they rekindle. It's cliche but I love it, I cry and at the same time it gives me butterflies in my stomach (especially when actors like Zac Efron star in them). Overall a good movie to watch on a girls night or alone on your night off.
IMBD score: 6,5 | My score: 7,0

And that was it for this post, have a lovely Sunday!

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