Styletone May Beauty Box

I've been wanting to order a beautybox for a while now but I never knew what box to order. Last month I saw someone write about the StyleTone box and I wanted to try it out. In this box you get 5 full-size products for €12,50 and in this post I'll show you what I got in my May box.

The first thing I got is this Manna Kadar Lip Locked Priming Gloss Stain in the shade Lucky. I didn't know this brand but I was pleasantly surprised by this gloss. It's a very pretty blush pink that leaves a very pretty stain on my lips. The second thing I got is the Lekkerineenpotje Lipscrub Rose&Peppermint. I love the scent of this, very pepperminty but a little bit different because of the rose. I've using this every night and it works great. It scrubs my lips and tastes delicious. Then I got the 29 Cosmetics Crush Grabe Seed Age Protecting Blush in the shade Berries. A beautiful rosy blush that looks a little bit peachy on my cheeks. I don't notice the anti aging but the shade is gorgeous and I've been using it a ton lately. The fourth thing is the Emite Eyelid Base. I'm sorry for the used product but I only decided I was doing to post when I had already dipped my fingers in there. This is a light peachy toned eyeshadow base that works okay. I'm not blown away by this but it works fine and does the job. The last thing was also the most disappointing. This is the Marsk Eyeshadow Brush. It's describes as an eyeshadow brush that should be perfect to blend in the crease but I don't agree at all. This is a concealer brush in my opinion, it does work great to lay down a base on the lid through. The bristles are soft and for concealer or an eyeshadow base it's perfect.

Manna Kadar - Lip Locked Priming Gloss Stain €21,95
Lekkerineenpotje - Lip Scrub Rose&Peppermint €4,95
29 Cosmetics - Crush Grape Seed Age Protecting Blush € 34,95
Emite - Eyelid Base €29,00
Mark - Eyeshadow Brush €12,00

I was surprised by the prices, three out of the five products are high end and in total this box is worth €102,85. Great value for money I'd say. I don't know any of the brands but that's the cool thing about beauty boxes. You discover new products and brand for a fraction of the price. I'm definitely going to order another one of these in the future because I'm really impressed.

You can order the StyleTone box for €12,50.

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