January Drugstore Haul

I went to the drugstore to buy two things, an eyebrow gel and a limited edition lip oil from Essence. As always I ended up getting way more then I was planning on. I ended up buying six products.

  • Catrice Velvet Matt Eyeshadow 010 Vanillaty Fair €3,99 €1,99
  • Catrice Velvet Matt Eyeshadow 070 Princess Mattleine €3,99 €1,99
  • Catrice Treasure Trove Precious Lip Colour C03 Treasured Twinkles (LE) €3,99
  • Catrice Ultimate Stay Lip Colour 080 PassionRed €4,99
  • Essence Lash & Brow Gel Mascara €1,99
  • Essence Winter? Wonderful! Tint & Oil for Lips 02 I'd Sent You a Blizzard (LE) €2,99
The two eyeshadows are going to be discontinued so I got them with 50% off and Catrice was also on sale (2 for 6) so I just had to get two products. The lip oil is missing in the picture above because I completely forgot to get it when I was taking photos.
As you can see, the swatches are amazing. When I came home I realized that the two lipsticks I got are very similar. The one on the left is the limited edition one that comes in gorgeous packaging, gold with little embossed stars. The other one is a lipstick from the ultimate stay line, I love those lipstick and when I could get one cheaper I didn't hesitate to drop it into my basket. In contrast to the other lipstick, this one is matte and has a little bit more brown in it.
The two eyeshadows are from the Velvet Matte line that is on sale right now because it's being discontinued. I bought a backup for one of my favourite shadows 070 Princess Mattleine and a highlight that I've heard a lot of good things about. 010 Vanillaty Fair is a gorgeous matt highlighter that will hopefully look great onto my brow bone.
And then the product I actually went to the drugstore for. This is a lip oil by Essence. I've been wanting to try out a lip oil for a while but I didn't feel like splurging on the YSL one. I've worn this Essence one a few times now and I love it, it goes on clear and then turns into a pretty pink shade.Perfect to wear everyday and it's very hydrating as well. The eyebrow gel is the one I always go for, it's cheapest one I can easily get a hold on here in the Netherlands and it does the job. I feel like this was a very good trip to the drugstore, I didn't spend too much and the products I got are all amazing.


Things I've Been Watching #3

As you might have noticed I've been really liking these posts, it's fun to write them and I feel like it's a way of keeping track of the movies and series I'm watching. Today I the third installment of my 'Things I've Been Watching' posts for you. This time I've also included ratings since that might be a good indication of my opinion of the movie.
The first movie I'm writing about is called 'About Time', one of those movies I've always wanted to watch but never came around to actually watch it. I'm really happy I finally did do it because I loved this movie. It's about a guy who finds out he can travel in time and uses it to find his true love. It's a beautiful movie about finding love, treasuring the moments that matter and happiness. I don't have a lot to say about this movie other then that it's a good movie with good actors and a good storyline in my opinion. IMDB rating: 7,8. My rating: 8,5.
Another movie that has been on my to watch list for a while was 'Jack the Giant Slayer'. This movie is obviously about that guy who climbs up that beanstalk and meets some giants there, you know that story right? So I don't have to explain it to you. I liked this one but I don't really know what to say about it. It wasn't bad, it was fun to watch but it wasn't amazing. Because I don't really have an opinion I'll just teach you some Dutch. 'Jack and the beanstalk' is called 'Sjakie en de bonenstaak' here in the Netherlands. There you go, you did something productive today and learned some Dutch. IMDB rating: 6,3. My rating: 6,5.
I also watched a really old movie, from 1952 to be exact. I recorded 'Singin' in the Rain' when it was on television and decided to watch it on a gloomy Sunday while doing some stuff for school and I have to say, for such an old movie, I really enjoyed it. It about the transition from silent movies to the ones we have now, with sound. Not a particularly interesting subject in my opinion but the story that was build around it was really nice. This is a musical movie though so if you don't like that this won't be one for you. I didn't mind because I was doing other stuff at the same time but I don't know if I'd be able to sit through the entire thing without doing anything else. So keep that in mind if you decide to watch it t, which you should because this is a classic that everyone should watch according to my mother. IMDB rating: 8,4. My rating: 7,5.
Why do all good things have to come to an end? A lot of series that I really like or liked have stopped over the past years and the finale is always ... (some word I cannot find in my mind). Downton Abbey is one of those, I just watched the season and series finale and man oh man, I cried so hard. I almost always cry when I watch Downton Abbey but this was different, I was crying out loud and my dad came in to check if I was alright. It was a series finale in which everything turned out for the better and I cannot watch that without tears. I don't want to spoil anything so I'm only going to say this; you'll cry, you'll laugh but you will think it was a great ending to six seasons of Downton Abbey.
IMDB rating: 8,7. My rating: 10.
'Now You See Me' is one of those movies that made me really enthusiastic when I saw the trailer but never actually watched. Now I finally did and I really liked it. It's about four magicians who do things like robbing a bank to get into some sort of secret society. I'm not a big magician fan but in this movie they do it in a real cool way and the story around also keeps in interesting. You following some FBI agents who try to solve the illegal things that the magicians do.
IMDB rating: 7,3. My rating: 8.


Two pink Maybelline products

Just before Christmas I went to Düsseldorf for the famous Christmas markets but obviously I had to dive into a DM as well, that's a German drugstore for those of you that don't know. Brands like L'Oréal and Maybelline are a lot cheaper there then here in the Netherlands. I eventually bought two Maybelline products, a blush and a lipstick. I haven't seen the blush here in stores yet but the lipstick is available in the Netherlands. This is the Maybelline Facestudio blush in the shade 60 Cosmopolitan. Just like a lot of maybelline products (not all though) it comes in black packaging but the thing that attracted me to this one was the way you open it. You have to slide the lid open and for some reason I really like that. It's probably not very convenient and will break easily but for now a smile comes to my face when I open it.  The color is pink, just the way I like my blush. It's coral/pink shade with a very subtle shimmer that gives you nice glowy cheeks. The lipstick I bought is one of the matte Colorsensational ones. I already own two of these lipsticks and even though I don't grab them often, the quality is great. This one is in the shade 960 Red Sunset and it's a bit of a chameleon, it's pink but sometimes is look more reddish that I expected. A really pretty shade that right up my street. Here I'm wearing both the blush and the lipstick and I love them both. The lipstick is a great every pink and even though it has a matte formula, the texture is really creamy and moisturizing. The blush is really pretty as well, the pink shade is a great everyday shade and makes me look a lot less miserable. Two really great products.

You can buy the Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lipstick for €8,99 and the Facestudio blush for €9,99.

A Small Kiko Sale Haul

A few days back I popped into Kiko when I had a little time to spare and I popped in at the right time, it was sale! I bought two products that I've been eyeing for a while, one from the Christmas collection and one from a collection that's a bit older.

The Moon Shadow Water Infused Eyeshadow is from the Midnight Siren collection of which I also bought this highlighter a while back. '02 Mysterious Chocolate', is a gorgeous sparkly brown shade that I've been wearing as an eyeliner lately. It lasts all day but is really easy to work with because of the soft formula. This one is a big hit for me and maybe I'll definitely grab some other shades if I see them again.

The other thing I bought is a liquid lipstick from the Cosmetic Starlet collection. I also bought a blush from this collection which I use almost everyday. This lip lacquer in the shade '01 Cool Mauve' is a neutral pink shade with some brown in it and therefor a really good nude for me. It has a shiney finish and even though I'm more of matte lipstick I do like this one. It's easy to wear and the shade will work with every outfit on every occasion. A really nice score for a small price.

Both of these products are on sale at the moment. The  Moon Shadow Water Infused Eyeshadow now costs €3,90 instead of €7,90 and the Shining Star Lip Laquer is €4,80 instead of €6,90.


January Makeup Menu

Time for the first makeup menu of the year. I haven't really been changing up my makeup this month so I thought, why not change it up just for this post. On a daily basis I've been just wearing my Naked Basics 2 palette combined but for this post I flamed it up, made it more smokey and some glitter. The products I used
L'Oréal True Match Foundation - N1 Ivory
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer - Light
Catrice Eyebrow Set
Urban Decay Naked Basics 2
H&M High Impact Eye Colour - Baci Di Dama
H&M High Impact Eye Colour - Chin Chin
H&M High Impact Eye Colour - Supernova
Catrice Kohl Kajal - 010 Black
Catrice Glam & Doll Volume Mascara
Catrice Transparent Mattifying Powder
H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blusher - Deep Brown
Maybelline Facestudio Blush - 60 Cosmopolitan
TheBalm Mary-lou Manizer
Kiko Intensely Lavish Lip Pencil - 06 Melodious Wine
Kiko Intensely Lavish Lipstick - 06 Melodious Wine

I started by applying Stark all over my lid to lay down a base and then blended frisk through the crease. This is what I do daily but to spice it up I added Cover on the outer third of my eye and winged it out a little bit. Then I blended it all and added Skimp on my brow bone as a highlight. To amp up this matte look I added some shimmer and glitter. I applied Baci Di Dama on the moving part of my eyelid and then Chin Chin in the inner third of my lid. This wasn't enough glitter for me so I added some Supernova over the top. Then with some kohl I drew a little winged line and finally added some mascara to top it off.

For the rest of my face I did the usual, some contour, blush and a little bit of highlighter. On my lips I applied a liner lipstick duo in a wine shade and then I was done.
I love this look, it's a bit too much to wear everyday but for a party this look would be great. Maybe you have noticed that my neck isn't the same colour as my face, I have a good reason for that. On my neck and chest I have a weird rash right now and I don't want to apply anything to it. My face is darker then the rest of my body because that's the only part that sees the sun right now and since I cannot apply foundation to my neck right now, I cannot hide that. You cannot see the rash on the photos because it isn't red, only when I scratch it, it becomes red. It feels bumpy and itches all the time but I'm quite good in restraining myself from scratching (I have a sun allergy and that gets worse when you scratch so I'm trained in not doing it haha). I'm getting some allergy pills from the doctor later today and I really hope it helps because this is very annoying.

Love, E

The Reading Challenge

Last year I wrote a post about the Reading Challenge, a challenge that you can set on Goodreads.com to keep track of the books you read. I said I'd do an update in June but I never did that, that's why I'm doing it now. Just after I set myself a new challenge. Last year I wanted to read 25 books and I read 34 but there were some short 60-pagers among those so for 2016 I've set the goal to 29 (30 seemed to much so I just went with it). I didn't want this to be a super long post so I'll write one sentence on each book.
Jon Duckett - HTML and CSS: Design and Build Website: I read this for school.
Aimée Carter - The Goddess Test: I love this book, it's one of my favourites of 2015.
Aprilynne Pike - Wings: Not bad but also not amazing.
Aimée Carter - Goddess Interrupted: A good squeal and a good book.
Eloisa James - A Kiss at Midnight: Cinderella for adults
Marissa Meyer - Scarlet: Red riding hood but set in the future, a good squeal to Cinder which I read in 2014.
Eloisa James - When Beauty Tamed the Beast: Beauty and the beast for adults.
Eloisa James - Storming the Castle: Short sequeal to A Kiss At Midnight.
Eloisa James - The Duke is Mine: Princess & the Pea for adults.
Aimée Carter - The Goddess Inheritance: This serie is still going strong and I really liked it.
E.L. James - Fifty Shades Darker: Just like Twilight, the second book is the worst.
E.L. James - Fifty Shades Freed: This one I liked again.
Stephanie Perkins - Anna and the French Kiss: I loved this book so much!

Eloisa James - Storming the Castle: This is becoming my favourite guilty pleasure series of books.
James Dashner - The Death Cure: Good book but I didn't like the ending at all.
Jill Mansell - Sheer Mischief: First Mansell book I've read and it's hilarious.
Jill Mansell - Miranda's Big Mistake: Also hilarious and the perfect summer holiday book.
Eloisa James - Winning the Wallflower: I'm reading way too much of these bouquet books.
Richelle Mead - Shadow Kiss: I liked the first Vampire Academy book the best this one was just oke.
Richelle Mead - Blood Promise: A little bit better then the third book, still not as good as one.
John Green - Paper Towns: I like John Green books but I belong to the people who were very disappointed in the ending.
Victoria Aveyard - Red Queen: Loved this and I cannot wait for the sequel.
Julie Kagawa - The Iron Daughter: A good sequel and I really want to read the third one.
Lois Lowry - The Giver: A really good book but I was disappointing in the ending.

Kiera Cass - The Heir: Just as good as the books that came before.
Kiera Cass - The Prince:  My favourite out of the four novellas I read in the Selection book series.
Kiera Cass - The Guard: Did not like it that much, it was alright.
Aimée Carter - The Goddess Hunt: A nice novel in this book series.
Tahereh Mafi - Shatter Me: A really strong start of a very promising series.
Tahereh Mafi - Destroy Me: I loved that she wrote from this perspective, it made me connect with the character which was important for the next books in this series.
Tahereh Mafi - Unravel Me: My least favourite out of the three but I still enjoyed it.
Tahereh Mafi - Fracture Me: My least favourite novel in this series, I cannot even really remember reading it even though I did.
Tahereh Mafi - Ignite Me: A really good book to end the Shatter Me series with.
Kiera Cass - The Queen: This novella was short but good.
Kiera Cass - The Favorite: A strong novella that I really liked.

And those were all the books I read in 2015, a lot of books in the same series buy I did fully read three series this year. I'm going to throw a quick fire and answer tag in here just for fun.

Favorite book series of the year: 
I loved the Goddess Test series the best.
Favorite book of the year: 
That was Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, without a doubt.
Have you read the books English?: 
No, also in Dutch but I don't really have a preference.
Least favourite book of the year: 
Shadow Kiss, I couldn't get into it.
Which book would you read again?
Anna and the French Kiss,
What book do you regret reading?
None of them.
What book will be the first one of 2016?
The Luxe by Anna Godbersen.

Next year I'll do another overview like this from my 2016 reading challenge but if you want to know more about any of these books, feel free to ask in the comment section.


Urban Decay Naked Basics 2

Quite a long time ago it was black friday, the day of massive sales. I couldn't help myself and order myself a little treat. I bought myself something that I've been wanting for along time now, the Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 palette. You must have been death if you haven't known about the naked palettes but I find them too expensive. I don't want to pay 50 euros for an eyeshadow palette that I'm not sure is worth it. I did however want to buy the smaller basics palette and when it went on sale, I could finally justify buying it. The packaging wasn't what I expected, it's made out of some sort of rubbery material that feels really luxurious. The overall palette feels really luxurious in fact. Inside you'll find six matte shadows. I went for number 2 instead of 1 but I don't really have a reason, this was the one that appealed the most to me. I placed a see through grey square over the mirror in Photoshop so if you see something weird, you know what it is. In real life there is a nice decent sized mirror in the lid. The six shades range from really light creamy shades to a dark grey.
            - Skimp, a pale nude satin
            - Stark, a nude pink matte
            - Frisk, a warm grey matte
            - Cover, a muted reddish brown matte
            - Primal, a muted brown matte
            - Undone, a deep smokey grayish brown matte
A wide variety of shades for a nude eyeshadow look. It doesn't look very special but I already knew that before I bought this, it's not called nude for nothing.

Everybody always says that Urban Decay eyeshadows are one of the best available and it's truth. The shadows feel like butter and the pigmentation is great. Even the shades that are almost the same colour as my skin tone are clearly visible.
Other products I'm wearing:
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer
Catrice Eyebrow Set
Catrice Kohl Kajal - 010 Black
Catrice Glam & Doll Mascara
Catrice Transparant Mattifying Powder
Maybelline Facestudio Blush - 60 Cosmopolitan
TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer
H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blusher - Deep Brown
Essence Lipliner - 14 Femme Fatale
H&M Velvet Lip Cream - Le Beau Monde

With this palette you can easily make a neutral look. The I like the most about these shadows is the blendability. These eyeshadows blend like a dream and look gorgeous on the lid. For this look I started by applying Stark all over my lid to my brow bone. Then I blended Frisk through the crease and added some Primal in the outer part of my crease. To finish it I applied a little bit of Skimp to the center of my lid and that's it. A super easy and quick look that still gives my eyes some depth.

I've been using this palette none stop since I got it. I feel like the cooler tones work really well with my skin tone and eye colour and therefore make me look nice even if I feel horrendous. A good basic in my collection and I definitely notice a difference with cheaper eyeshadow palettes in quality so I think it's well worth the money.
You can buy this Urban Decay Naked Basic 2 Palette for €29,50.


Things I've been watching #2

Quite a while back I did my first 'Things I've been watching' post and I thought, why not make it a regular thing. So today it's time for the second installment in this series.
The first thing I've been watching is Flesh and Bone, a series about ballet. I love watching series about dancing and this one was incredibly good. It's about a girl who runs off to New York and is hired by the American Ballet Company. From there on it will be a little bit dark but that's what makes this series interesting instead of just a flat story about ballet. I loved it and the fact there is only one season with eight episodes, makes that it won't be a disaster if you get addicted to it. Then I've also been watching Scream Queens. I heard a lot of this online but I was a bit scared to watch if I'm honest. I don't like to watch scary things but I also heard a lot of people say that it was just really funny. And they were right. It's mean girls mixed with murders and I love it. This series is about a sorority and people get murdered all the times by somebody dressed as the campus mascot. I'll have a Trenta, no-foam, five-shot half-caf, no foam, pumpkin spice latte with no foam at 210 degrees while I write the rest of this post please.
Suffragette is a movie that I saw in the cinema with my mother. It's one of those typical movies that I go to with my mother and I don't mean that in a negative way. I usually visit smaller drama movies with her because we both like that genre. This was really good! I did not know the suffragettes until I saw the trailer of this movie because I'm not familiar with the movements that fought for woman's right all over the world, just the one in Holland. Here in the Netherlands this movement is called the 'Dolle Mina's', named after the statue near which they had their first protest (burning their corsets). In 1919 the woman of the Netherlands got to vote. This movie is just about England though. I'm not going to tell much about the story because this really is just one of those movies you'll have to see to feel. I am going to tell you about the ending. It ends with a timeline of women's suffrage and I think that sends a really strong message. People in audience were shocked to see that Switzerland was really late compared to countries like England (the Netherlands weren't on the list), it wasn't until 1971 that woman could vote. For me it's weird to see that there are still countries in the world were woman don't have equal right to men, realizing that woman have and still are fighting for these right does something with you. It makes me happy to be alive right now in a country like the Netherlands.

The last movie I'm going to talk about is Inside Out, a Disney movie that has been on my to watch list ever since I saw the trailer. Inside Out is about a little girl called Riley who has to move away for her fathers job. Plottwist, most of the movie takes place in her head, you follow five characters who embody emotions. Something goes wrong and the emotion called Joy has to go on a journey with Sadness. I already heard that this movie would hit hard at some points and it's true, I watched it on new years eve with some friends and literally everybody was crying at one point (or two) even the guys. Disney just know how to do that, I mean, who doesn't cry when Mustafa dies? And that was it for today, I think four items is a good amount for a post like this. That way it's not massive but I still feel like I wrote something substantial. I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what I should watch next....