NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

One of my favourite lipsticks lately have been these Soft Matte Lip Creams. These are similar to liquid lipsticks but they're not quite the same. Liquid lipsticks really last a all day but these lip creams only last around two hours.

Everyday Summer Makeup

Lately I haven't been wearing a lot of makeup because I'm getting up pretty early everyday. I had to develop a quick everyday routine that I can do in less than 15 minutes and is very summer appropriate, very neutral but with a fun bright lip.

Ofra Sunset Beach, Aries & Santa Ana Liquid Lipstick

I've been slowly working through my liquid lipstick wishlist and after I tried the Kat Von D ones it was time for the next ones on my list, the Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks. At first I only got one but I loved that one so much I decided that I could justify buying more. I went on www.boozyshop.nl to buy one of the Ofra x Manny Mua ones but obviously I couldn't only buy one. I searched the site and found Sunset Beach for 50% off. Those two went in my basket and now I'm showing you all three of them.

Mac Heroine

Today I'm showing you a lipstick I'll probably never wear out and about, Heroine by Mac. I got send this infamous lipstick after Mac screwed up my order (great costumer service btw). So this blogpost is all about a purple lipstick.

Things I've Been Watching #7

Good morning to everyone, today on this last Sunday of May it's time for another 'Things I've Been Watching'-post. The seventh one already. This time I watched a lot of Disney movies and only one season of a series.

Dolce&Gabbana Dolce Floral Drops

The last time I bought a new perfume was last summer when I bought Armani Si! which has been a huge favourite of mine for the last couple of months. I love the scent and there's only 1/3 left in the bottle. Therefore I could justify buying a new scent for spring. I wanted something fresh but floral. I knew what I wanted to smell like but I had no idea what perfume smelled like that. That's why I asked the sales lady for help. She recommended Dolce by Dolce&Gabbana but it was a bit too heavy. Next to it I saw the floral drops version, I smelled it and I was sold.

DIY Kylie Jenner Heir Metal Matte Lipstick

In today's post I have a little DIY for you guys, I'm going to show you how to easily get a subtle rose gold metallic lip. Lately I've been seeing a comeback of the metallic lip. A few years ago it was absolutely not done and matte lips were all the rage. Now it's slowly becoming acceptable again. I'm still not sure what I think about this return but I did love the look of the Kylie Jenner Metallic Lip Kit in the shade Heir. It was one of their Coachelle releases and I love the look of it. A subtle rose gold that looks gorgeous on everyone I've seen it on. I wanted to try it but I didn't want to spend a sh*t load of money and taxes on the lip kit. Therefore I started playing with some products I already own and came up with my own, homemade version.

Styletone May Beauty Box

I've been wanting to order a beautybox for a while now but I never knew what box to order. Last month I saw someone write about the StyleTone box and I wanted to try it out. In this box you get 5 full-size products for €12,50 and in this post I'll show you what I got in my May box.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

Lately I've been obsessed with liquid lipsticks but there aren't any available in the Dutch stores. Ordering online is the only option most of the time. And even ordering online can be a pain in the ass. These Kat Von D everlasting Liquid Lipsticks I eventually ordered through a Spanish webshop. This way I didn't have to pay a lot of taxes because the products are coming from inside Europe.

Things I've Been Watching #6

I did it again, I deleted my things I've been watching post. The good new is, now I know how it happens. I start writing a new post and it overwrites my scheduled one because I mess up the number. So stupid. This time I'm going to rewrite most of it but my little opinion snippets will be shorter then normally.

Milani Luminoso Baked Blush

There are a few blushes that have been majorly hyped up over the past couple of years. I'm talking about blushes like Nars Orgasm or the one I'm writing about today, the infamous Milani Luminoso. I've discovered this blush through NikkieTutorials and Jaclyn Hill but I never bought it because Milani isn't sold here in the Netherlands. Luckily American beauty products have been popping up on websites that ship to the Netherlands and when I was ordering my Z-palette, I saw that the webshop were I bought it, sold Milani as well. That's when I ordered this hyped up blush to see whether it was just as good as everybody says.

Something new: Shop my favourites

Just a quick update today, I've been working on my blog design lately and one of the things I've added is a 'shop my favourites'-section. I made two categories, fashion and beauty. On those pages you can find items that I items I love along with links to buy them.

I thought this would be a fun addition to my blog since I love browsing to similar section on other blogs. It's also a way too incorporate some fashion into my blog since I don't do outfit posts. I hope you like it and give it a browse. Obviously I'll add more over time but right now you can find both recent purchases and old favourites. You can navigate there through the menu at the top of my blog.


Douglas Mattism Matte Lipstick

A while ago I was at a Dutch store called Douglas to buy a gift for Mothers day. Obviously I couldn't not check out the makeup section and I stumbled about Douglas' own brand. I never payed much attention to their brand but for some reason I walked towards it and looked at the products. The first thing I noticed was the price point, which was quite high for a brand I would consider drugstore. The second thing I saw was this lipstick.

Catrice Professional Contouring Palette

I think my contouring game has involved quit a bit over the past years. I started with a Sleek bronzer that's beautiful for bronzing but is way too orange for contouring. Then I discovered the a brown blusher by H&M I love that one but I did want to try something else after using that every single day. That's why I bought this Catrice Contouring palette.

BHcosmetics 18 color eyeshadow and lipstick palette

This is the 18 Color Eyeshadow & Lipstick Palette by Shaaanxo for BHcosmetics. When I first saw swatches of this palette I knew I was going to buy it and last week it finally arrived. It's a very pretty looking pink palette with a bokeh effect. The palette is dual sided which is quite genius, by dividing the palette you won't have any eyeshadow mixing with the lipsticks.

Stash: Catrice Lip Products

Last week I was reorganizing my makeup stash and I realized something. I had quite a lot of Catrice lipsticks and glosses. Therefore, in today's post, I will show you all my Catrice lip products. I'm first going to show you the packaging and at the end of the post you can find swatches of every single colour.

Catrice Blush Artist Shading Palette

Today I'm showing you one of the products I hauled a while back. This little palette was part of the new products Catrice launched back in February. I'm talking about the Blush Artist Shading Palette which is available in three shades, a bronze version, coral version and the pink version I bought. In the palette you'll find three shades. The palettes are called the blush palettes but depending on the palette, there are also shades in there that you can use as bronzer or highlighter. The bronze one has a bronzer, blush and highlighter while the pink one I have only has blushes and a highlighter. At the end of this post I've linked to some reviews by other bloggers of the other shades.

Lancôme Juicy Shaker In Mangoes Go Wild

When I saw these were launching I immediately knew I would buy one, they just looked way too cute not to. I'm talking about the new Lancôme Juicy Shakers, a bi-phase pigment infused lip oil that looks just like a cocktail shaker. I got the shade Mangoes Go Wild but in total there are thirteen shades in total. There's also a limited edition shade called Min To Be which I also really wanted but was out of stock when I ordered. Mint To Be is clear but because of it's blue undertone it makes your teeth look great.

Maybelline The Blushed Nudes

I'll admit, I have way too many neutral palettes, that's the main reason why I never bought the Maybelline The Nudes eyeshadow palette. That's also why I was so happy Maybelline brought out the Blushed Nudes version. A nude eyeshadow palette with pink shades and undertones.

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector

In today's post I'm showing you a much raved about lip product that I have been wanting for a long time, the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector. I got mine in the shade 04 Petal Shimmer, a shimmery light pink shade. Like I said, I've had my eye on these for quite a while now but I never bought them because Catrice has a dupe in their assortment, the Beautifying Lip Smoothers. I own two of those and I use them regularly because they're really good. Still I always kept longing for the Clarins one, I know that sounds dramatic but it's the truth. A Dutch store called Douglas regularly has coupons which give you 25% off of lipstick or gloss and since I wanted to order a Lancôme Juicy Shaker I thought why not, and ordered the real deal.

NOTD: Essence Colour & Care

Today's post is one of those were I show my nails, a NOTD. Lately I've been only wearing Essie nail polishes because those just last the best on my nails but when I saw this one in my Instagram feed I had to pick it up. This is an Essence polish from the new Colour&Care line. I got a pale pink/purple shade called '03 Happy Nails'.

Things I've been Watching #5

Some sad new today, I accidentally deleted the 'Things I've Been Watching #5 post. I usually write my reviews about the movies and series in these posts right after I watch it and now my reviews of 6 things are gone. I'm not going to write them again because some of the things have been over a month ago and I really like to write them fresh after watching something. I do keep track of the things I watch by using lists on IMDB and the app Seen It, therefore i can tell you what movies and series were in that deleted post. I watched 3 movies, American Hustle, Coyote Ugly and Joy. I finished up the serie Hart of Dixie, watched the two seasons of The Librarians and also season season 2 of Ex On The Beach. So quite a lot and I'm very bummed that all my reviews are gone. Joy way my favourite btw. Moving on to movies and series with reviews now.
I've finished yet another season of New Girl, only 10 episodes to go and I'm no longer behind . New Girl is just never able to disappoint me, this season was just as good as the previous ones and I cannot wait to watch the next. Just like all seasons New Girl is about quirky Jess, a middle-school vice-principle who lives in an apartment with Nick, Schmidt, Coach and Winston. A recipe for funny situations that will make you cry out with laughter. IMDB rating: 7.8 My rating: 8 My Best Friend's Wedding is one of those classic romantic comedies, from 1997 so I was one years old when this came out. It's about Julianne and she realizes she loves her long-time friend right when she finds out he's engaged. She goes to steel him away from his fiance and this is a recipe for disaster. I don't want to spoil the ending but for some reason it was very predictable even though it wasn't made to be predictable. You'll understand what I mean if you watch it. I won't watch this again probably because it wasn't very good but if you have nothing to watch and this is on television, it's a good movie to waste time with.
IMDB rating: 6.3 My rating: 6 Kingsman is a movies that I've been wanting to watch but never got around to actually watch. I ended up watching this with my brother and let me tell you, this one is very funny. It's quite a violent movie about a British spy organization who has to recruit a new agent when one of their agents dies. The movie focuses around one of those recruits, how he gets trained and how he saves the world. Like I said, it was really funny (read: heads exploding into colourful fireworks) and I was crying with laughter at the end.
IMDB rating: 7.8 My rating: 7.5 I don't know why it took me so long to watch this movie. This is the second part of the Divergent series about Beatrice Prior. She is a divergent person who tries to fight against her society as she knows it falling apart but ends up stirring everything up. I've read the first two books and now I'm caught up with the movies but I do think the books are better. I cannot really explain why, they just are. Time to read the last book and watch the last movie, I'm really curious to see how it ends because I have absolutely no idea.
IMDB rating: 6.3 My rating: 6.5
Soof is a movie I've watched in the cinema when it came out and now it was broadcast on television and I watched it again. This is one of the few Dutch movies I actually like. Normally I get really annoyed by but not this one. Soof is about a 40 year old mother of three who has a small catering business. Then that business blows up because of a fling with a famous choreographer. This is obviously bad for her marriage, everything goes wrong and in the end everything turns out okay. I like the humor in this movie a lot, it's not obvious but it;s very funny.
IMDB rating: 6.6 My rating: 7
And here's the Disney movie in this post, the good dinosaur. A movie about a world where dinosaurs live like humans and humans act like dogs. I didn't think I'd like this movie as much as I did. It was awesome, I laughed and I cried, and I would definitely recommend it.
IMDB rating: 6.8 My rating: 7.5

If you'd like to, you can check out a full list of movies I watch on IMDB, this list holds almost every movie I've ever seen.


Follow The Tutorial: Spring Makeup! Fresh & Colorful by Shaaanxo

Most of the makeup look I create are very natural and sometimes smokey but almost never bold. In this follow the tutorial post I recreated a makeup look by Shannon, a beauty guru from New Zealand. She created colourful makeup look using khaki and blue and I loved it. My version is quite toned down because I didn't have a blue that was vibrant enough to achieve the effect she had going on, but I still think it became a very pretty smokey eye that's just a little bit different then the standard ones with brown or black that you've seen a million times.
The product replacements I used: 
Loreal Skin Perfection Serum // Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light Moisturizer
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer // Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base
BH Cosmetics Shaaanxo Palette Matte Highlight Shade // Catrice Velvet Matte Eyeshadow in 010 Vanillaty Fair
BH Cosmetics Shaaanxo Palette Warm Yellow Shade // H&M High Impact Eye Colour in Candied Almond
Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette Green // Makeup Revolution Awesome Eyeshadow Collection (third row last colour + fifth row ninth colour)
Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette Blue// Makeup Revolution Awesome Eyeshadow Collection (first row eighth colour + fourth row eighth colour)
Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette Brown // Makeup Revolution Awesome Eyeshadow Collection (second row third colour)
BH Cosmetics Shaaanxo Palette Grey Brownish Shade // Makeup Revolution Awesome Eyeshadow Collection (ninth row fifth colour)
Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette copper // Makeup Revolution Awesome Eyeshadow Collection (second row second colour)
Soda & Co Lip Balm // Essence Prettifying Lip Oil in 02 First Help, Pinky
Colourpop Creme Gel Eyeliner in Bee Sting // Catrice Kohl Kajal in 170 Blues Willis
Bare Minerals Neutralising Prime Time // Etos Anti Dullness Primer
EX1 F200 Foundation // Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in 010 Light Porcelain
Kevin Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer // Catrice Camouflage Cream in the shade 010 Ivory
Becca Color Corrector in Pistachio & Peach // I didn't color correct
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer // Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer in 010 Porcelain
MAC Studio Fix Powder // Catrice Transparent Mattifying Powder
Vincent Longo Beauty Sin LA Riviera Bronzer // Catrice Prime and Fine Professional Contouring Palette in 010 Ashy Radiance
Chi Chi Blonde Brow Pomade // Essence Eyebrow Gel in 01 Brown
L'Oréal Brow Plumper Blonde // Essence Lash & Brow Gel Mascara
NYX Matte Liquid Liner // H&M Gel Eyeliner in Pitch Black
xoBeauty The Heiress Lashes // I didn't wear false lashes
Chi Chi 3D Magic Lash Mascara // Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara
It Cosmetics CC+ Ombre Blush // Milani Baked Blush in 05 Luminoso
ABH Gleam Kit // TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer
NARS Velvet Lipliner Anse Soleil // Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in 063 Eastend Snob
Natasha Denona Gloss in Powder // Catrice Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick in 070 Better Make A Mauve When doing this look I had a very bad eyeliner day, it just wouldn't work so therefore no closeup photo of my eye makeup. The eyeliner just really messes it up. Also my brows didn't work out, I'm trying a new product but today I didn't go on well, just patchy. Something I haven't had with that Essence product before. I did have a good foundation day though, my skin looks absolutely perfect in my opinion. Every year around spring I bust out my blue liner for a heavy under eye and this look has definitely made me do that again. I love doing that with just a simple brown eye and a shit load of mascara but with this eyelook I also think it looks really pretty. The khaki tones really complement the blue and make it pop even more in opinion.

I'm sorry for not looking very happy in these pictures but just like I had a bad liner en brow day, I couldn't get a good photo of myself.  Nonetheless, I hope you liked this follow the tutorial post!


Etos Anti Dullness Primer

I was always on the fence about primer, I never understood why you would go through the hassle of applying an extra product underneath your foundation. Any extra step that can be avoided is a good thing I thought. Well, well, I was wrong. Lately I had some problems with dry patched on my face and I didn't know how to get rid of them. I was moisturizing like crazy and I tried a lot of different foundations. I hadn't think of trying a primer until I stood in front of the Etos makeup counter. I think Etos is a Dutch brand so I'm sorry for all of you who don't live here. Etos recently redid all of there makeup and among the new products are a few different primers. I went for the anti dullness one because that was the one appealed to me the most.

This purple primer is supposed to neutralize a dull complexion and make your skin incredibly smooth. Obviously this is just the packaging talking but I do most certainly notice a difference when I use it. My skin feels very smooth and the foundation applies nicer on the places where I applied the primer. Apart from that I don't notice a big difference, I don't think the primer makes me look less dull or livens up my complexion and I my foundation or what I put on top of it doesn't last longer in my opinion. But then again, making you makeup last longer is not something this primer promises.

I've been using the primer for the past couple of weeks now and I'm very happy with it. It doesn't make me look more awake but it does make my foundation go on perfect and makes my skin super smooth.

You can buy the Etos Anti Dullness Primer for €5,99 at Etos.

Max Factor Face Finity Foundation & Creme Puff Blush

Max Factor is one of those brands I rarely buy because I find it quite expensive. That's also why I only own two of their products, a cream puff blush and an excess shimmer eyeshadow. Now I've added two products to that small collection, another blush and a foundation. I've been wanting to try this foundation for a while now but I never bought it, a while ago Max Factor went on sale so I picked it up along with one of their Creme Puff Blusher. Ow and for some reason the photos in this post turned out really greenish, weird and I don't know how that happened. This is the Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation, advertised as a primer, concealer and foundation in one. I got the lightest shade the store I went to had, 47 Nude, but when I got home I found out that there's a lighter shade as well. Not a huge problem but this one is a little bit too dark for my pale winter skin so the lightest shade would have been better. I can still wear this though, I just have to blend it into my neck properly until the sun decides to come out more. ' The blush looks absolutely gorgeous, a soft pink shade with little glitters in there. The other shade I own is darker pink which I love but a more neutral shade like this is also great. Like I expected, so far it hasn't let me down. Here I'm wearing both the foundation and the blush. As you can see, I haven't blended the foundation into my neck so you can see it's not light enough for me. I can still get away with it when I, like I said, blend it into my neck. It actually makes me look a little bit healthier I think. The blush is almost a little bit too subtle in my opinion. The shimmer is pretty (not really visible on the photo) but the colour is almost invisible. A bit of a let down but I've found that I've been wearing this blush quit a lot on days where I do want something on my cheeks but not too much.

You can buy the Max Factor Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation for €14,99 and the Creme Puff Blush for €12,99


Preview: Essence Lights Of Orient

I haven't done a preview post in a long time because no collection has made me really enthusiastic. This new collection by Essence that will be in stores during May and June (in the Netherlands) is something else though, gorgeous oriental inspired makeup that looks gorgeous in the press release. The images you see in this post are from the blog byaranka. Travel to the world of 1001 Arabian Nights with the new trend edition by Essence. It's all about eastern culture, the souks, silent desserts, fairytale like bedouin tents and the rhythm of gorgeous belly dancers.
Light of Orient Eyeshadow Palette - € 4,59 
Light and shadow! With this eyeshadowpalette with six warm shades, you can create a subtle or intense nude look. A small duo-applicator, mirror and decorative design make this palette a real must have. Available in the shade 'We ♥ Arabian Nights'.
Lights of Orient Blush - € 3,39 
This two coloured blush with a soft texture and a subtle shimmer gives a fresh look to you face. Available in the shade 'Princess Jasmines Choice'.
Lights of Orient Bronzer - € 3,39 
Vibrant sun! This bronzer with arabian pattern combines a matte powder with a sparkling golden shade in the shape of a sun. Available in the shades 'Sunkissed Beauty' and 'Oriental Beauty'.
Lights of Orient Highlighter Stick – € 3,99 
Golden glow. With this creamy jumbo stick with gold pigments you can create a sparkling highlight. Thanks to the convenient stick it's easy to apply, perfect for the trendy 'strobing' trend. Available in the shade 'Golden Gate To Orient'.
Lights of Orient Matt Lipstick – € 2,59 
Arabian nights. Daring red shades like trendy oxblood, intense purple and warm rosewood. With their matte finish the lipsticks add a real glamfactor to your lips. The packaging has a slender and elegant shape. Available in the shades 'Belly Dancing Queen', 'Princess Jasmines Choice' and 'The Sultan’s Daughter'.
Lights of Orient Magic Eyeliner Pen – € 2,49 
Mystic eyes! Especially for oriental cat eyes but also perfect to draw on a classic eyeliner or a smokey eye. The round conical felt tip is perfect to create any type of eyeliner look. Available in the shade 'Aladdin Loves Cat Eyes'.
Lights of Orient Eyebrow Shaper – € 2,39 
With this smart eyebrow pen in a light or dark brown you can create perfectly defined brows. With a little sharpener for a sharp point and a sponge to blend. Available in the shades 'Sunkissed Beauty' and 'Oriental Beauty'.
Lights of Orient Nail Polish – € 1,99 
The colours of the orient. Gold and purple with metallic effects, rosewood and oxblood with a creamy finish. These complementing colours will give your nails stunning colours and longlasting finish. Available in the shades 'Golden Gate To Orient', 'The Sultan’s Daughter', 'Princess Jasmines Choice' and 'Belly Dancing Queen'.
Lights of Orient Body & Cuticle Tattoos - € 2,99 
Body art. Golden and turquoise tattoos in elegant design create a wow-effect. Available in 'Magic Carpet Ride'. Three sheets with 56 tattoos in total.
Lights of Orient Body Splash – € 2,99 
Warm Freshness! This light body splash with summery, floral scent gives you a fresh boost on hot days. Available in 'Genie a Bottle'.
Lights of Orient Blush Brush – € 2,99
Artifact. The special shape of this brush makes it easy to apply blush on the apples of your cheeks. A gold handle with beautiful ornaments make this brush a real stunner. Available in 'A Whole New World'.
Wow I truly think this collection is gorgeous! The eyeshadow palette, the blush, the highlight stick, the lipsticks, the brush, it's all on my wishlist. The tattoos and body splash aren't really my think but the rest is stunning. Of course I'll have to swatch things before I actually buy them but from the look of things I'm going to pick up the majority of this collection. I cannot wait!

The Essence Lights of Orient collection will be available from mid-May to mid-June (at Kruidvat and Trekpleister in the Netherlands)


Massive Drugstore Haul

Just a quick post to let you know that, as you can see, I went a little bit crazy at the drugstore lately. Essence and Catrice have brought out new products and I've been just buying way too much makeup in general. Expect reviews of most of these products soon!

H&M Gel Eyeliner and Gossamer Lip Stain

A while ago I decided to pop into H&M to get a belt and of course I couldn't not take a quick browse through the beauty section. I didn't notice any new products but I did pick up two things I wasn't familiar with. The first product is a gel eyeliner, I've been wanting to buy one these for a while now sine I'm a little bit tired with those eyeliner pens that dry out within a month. This one I hadn't heard anything about but I thought, why not?  There are multiple shades but I got the basic black one in the shade Pitch Black. The other product I bought is a weird lip product that reminds me a little bit of the Bourjois Aqua Laque formula. I swatched all shades and eventually bought a brownish shade called Storyteller. Here I'm wearing both products, the eyeliner went on smoothly and is super black and the lip stain has a very pretty sheer colour. The eyeliner looks great and does last quit good, at the end of the day I do have a little bit black residue in my crease but not anything that's really noticeable. This formula is very creamy and on my eyelids is lasts pretty good. I didn't have high expectation but I was pleasantly surprised with this gel eyeliner. I did have hopes for the lip stain but it's a little bit disappointing. The colour is very pretty but it doesn't last that long. After approximately three hours there isn't any product or colour left on my lips. Apart from that I'm a fan, I like the taste, the colour and the formula feels very nice on the lips. The photo doesn't do it justice because I had very chapped lips but on nicely moisturized lips this nude Gosssamer Lip Stain looks really pretty.

You can buy the H&M Geleyeliner in Pitch Black for €7,99 and the Gossamer Lip Stain in Storyteller costs €7,99 as well.


Things I've Been Watching #4

Since I've been doing these posts quite regular lately, I don't feel the need to explain it anymore. I've been watching way to much series lately and I'm not ashamed by it. Let's hop into the things I've been watching.

The first thing I've been watching gave me serious throwback feelings. Grease Live! was everything I expected it to be, funny, tear-jerking and amazing. I found out this was coming through Vanessa Hudgens' Instagram. She played rizzo and was amazing. The rest of the cast was also good but she did an excellent job. Everybody obviously knows this story so there is not much to explain about that for me. Watching this made all those songs stuck in my head and overall I just loved watching it.
IMDB rating: 7,8. My rating: 9.

Then we have the first out of the three season of series I watched, The Originals. I'm a fan of the Vampire Diaries and this spin-off series has won over my heart. Last year I watched season 1 and now I gave two a go. I liked it just as much as the first season and just like that one, I was hooked. I watched the whole season in two weeks and I don't regret it at all. I'm a binge watcher and I'm proud of it. The orginals is about the oldest and original vampires and how they struggle with family, witches and werewolves.
IMDB rating: 8.4. My Rating: 8.

New Girl is one of those series I really liked watching but for who knows what reason stopped at a certain point. Somewhere in season 3 I stopped and I decided it was time to start watching it again. I rewatched a lot of the episodes, finished season 3 and I'm going to watch the rest of the seasons as well. Episodes are only 20 minutes long so it makes the perfect breakfast series for me.
IMDB rating: 7.8. My Rating: 8.

Orange is the new black is a series that has been on my to watch list for a very long time and now I finally got around to watch the first season. It's about Piper Chapman who has to go to jail for a crime she committed ten years ago. She has build a whole new life and now she must stop everything and has to go to jail. During the first episode I didn't understand why people called this a comedy but after a few episode I understood. There's so much humor in this series and I think the actors are amazing. I can highly recommend this series and I'm sure I'll watch season 2 very soon.
IMDB rating: 8.3. My Rating: 8.5.

Then I have a movie that I watched on a rainy afternoon after I got home from school. Silver Linings Playbook is a movie I once started watching, didn't like, stopped it and always wanted to finish watching it. This movie is about Pat, a guy that almost killed the guy with whom his wife was having an affair. He ends up in a psychiatry institution and the movie starts when he get out. He moves back with his parents and tries to reconcile with his ex-wife. Then he meets Tiffany and you can already guess what happens so I'm not going to spoil it for you. In the beginning I didn't like this movie but as I got further into the story I really enjoyed it. It's a romantic comedy but not one of those sloppy basic ones that I've seen a million times. I can understand why Jennifer Lawrence won an Oscar for it because she and Bradley Cooper were really good in this movie, they gave it depth and emotion and in the end I really liked this movie and would even watch is again.
IMDB rating: 7.8. My Rating: 8.

There's no 'Things I've Been Watching' post without a something Disney in there. This time I watched Wreck-it Ralph, a movie about arcade games. Several people have told me this movie is great and I have to agree. It's about the bad guy in an arcade game who wants to be good, a simple and cliche story but really well done. The thing I liked a lot is that Disney didn't put one of those annoying sidekicks in there purely for merchandise like they did with Olaf in Frozen. I mean those are cute but completely unnecessary in my opinion. Wreck-It Ralph is a great movie about friendship and making the right choices.
IMDB rating: 7.8. My Rating: 7.

I'm a sucker for Australian series, I love H2O and Dance Academy is also a guilty pleasure of mine. I also love series and movies about dancing so this one fits right into that alley. Growing up I watched a few episodes of Dance Academy but I never watched the whole thing. That happened last week. The episodes are quite short, only 20 minutes, so I watched all three seasons in a week. I told you I was a binge watcher. Dance Academy is mainly about Tara Webster, a country girl who dreams about being a ballerina. The series focuses around her, her friends and the academy they're going to.
IMDB rating: 8.2. My Rating: 7.5

The last thing is post is Deadpool, a movie I went to see in the cinema with  my brother. I only went to this because he asked me to go but I'm so glad I did. This movie is absolutely hilarious, the jokes are quite harsh but I found it really funny. Deadpool is about a guy who gets cancer and is mutated to some weird twisted superhero. Of course there's more to the story but I'm not going to spoil it, just go and watch it because it's hilarious.
IMDB rating: 8.6. My Rating: 8,5.

And that was it for this massive post, I've been postponing way too much things and used series as an excuse. I really should watch less and do more.

Teal Smokey Eyes

I love big dramatic smokey eyes but for some reason I can never make them look right. I think that's because of my eye-shape. My eyes are quite round and I have a lot of space between my brown and my crease, so if I wing my eyeshadow out too much, I tend to look like a super hero (read this post to see what I mean). Lately I've been playing quite a lot with smokey eyes and I found the shape that I think works best for my eyes.

The products I used:
L'Oréal True Match Foundation in N1 Ivory
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer in 01 Light
Catrice Eyebrow Set
Essence Lash and Brow Gel Mascara
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in 604 Milk
Fake Lorac Mega Pro Palette
Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Mascara
Catrice Kohl Kajal in 01 Black
Daniel Sandler Watercolour Fluid Blusher in Cherub
Catrice Transparent Mattifying Powder
H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blusher in Deep Brown
Sleek Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette in 372 Fair, the bronzer
TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer
Essence Longlasting Lipstick in 03 Come Naturally

I ordered a fake Lorac palette because I really wanted to try fake makeup, sounds weird but I just wanted to know more about it. I decided to order something that's impossible to order here in the Netherlands. So I ordered a fake version of the Lora Mega Pro palette that was a Christmas limited edition. Some colours in there are horrible and some are quite pretty. I do use a white base underneath is because otherwise the colours barely show up on my lid.

For this teal smokey eye I also started with that white base and then blended Sepia in my crease.Then I deepened that crease with both Espresso and Brown. After I blended that all really well, it was time for the dark smokey part. I applied Deep Teal on my mobile lid and blended that out, first with a clean brush and then with one that had a little bit of Stone on it. Then I intensified the colour by applying that teal shade with a wet makeup brush and also softly sweeped it along my lower lashline. As you can see, the smokey eye I creates is very wearable. Because I kept the colour quite concentrated and blended it out, I prevent that superhero effect. If I'd want so smokey-it-up I would add more to the lower lashline instead of adding more to the lid. That way I can make it more grunge or party-like without looking ridiculous.


My Two Winter Essentials

In today's post I wanted to share my two winter essentials with you, my favourites within those essentials to be exact. My first essential is something everybody needs and uses, lip balm. During winter I cannot live without lip balm, my lips get dry af and no lipsticks looks good when applied over chapped lips. I have four lip balm that I absolutely adore and funny enough, most of my favourites come in little jars. Lip balms in pots are usually more moisturizing then the ones in stick-form in my opinion. The downside is that you have to get your finger in it which is not the most hygienic way. Therefore I usually use these in the afternoon just before I go to bed, when my hands are clean after washing my face. My three favourites are the Nivea Lip Butter in Coconut, The Body Shop Lip Butter in Blueberry and the Lush Honey Trap Lip Balm. These three are incredibly moisturizing and  funny enough they range in price. The Nivea one is really affordable and the Lush one is a little bit more expensive. Taste wise the one Lush Lip Butter is the best, though you would like to know. My favourite lip balm in stick-form is one from Vichy. I've been raving about this one for years and it's still amazing. A very neutral lip balm that works great.
My second essential is hand cream. Unfortunately I don't have my favourite right now because I just finished it. I'm talking about the Soap & Glory Hand Food which is an amazing cream that makes my hands super soft. On the photo you van see the two I'm using right now both I don't love either of them. I can't stand the scent of the one by Weleda and the other one I got in a gift set and stay sticky for a long time. I'm going to pick up the Soap & Glory one at the end of the month (when I have money again haha).