H&M Velvet Lip Cream in 'Le Beau Monde'

Lets start this post by wishing your a very happy christmas, no special christmaspost on my blog this year but I didn't want it to go by unnoticed. This post is a bit festive though, I'm reviewing a red lip stick (or cream actually) today and what better time to wear a red lipstick then during Christmas. Wrapped in tinsel you see the H&M Velvet Lip Cream. This is a liquid lipstick and one I actually really like for a change. There are six shades available.
                - Enchanté
                - Dare Me
                - Pep Talk
                - Le Beau Monde
                - Nudista'
                - Some Like It Haute
Both 'Some Like It Haute' and 'Le Beau Monde' are red and I swatched them both in the store but went for this one. 'Some Like It Haute' is darker but it swatched less beautiful then the one I both 'Le Beau Monde'.
This is what the applicator looks like, nothing special. This is my biggest con to this product, the applicator doesn't work great, because of the shade you cannot apply the colour to your lips very precise. So keep in mind that you have to use a brush to get the products onto your lips nicely.
My swatch photos weren't sharp but that doesn't matter because you can see this beautiful colour perfectly well on my lips. You have to be a fan of matte finishes to like this product but for me this perfection. The product dries really quick so you have to be really quick when applying and it requires some practices. On the photo I'm wearing just the lipstick but lately I've been wearing it with a lipliner underneath. I have one that's a perfect match from Essence and with that applying it neatly is super easy.
This has been the red lipstick I've been reaching lately. The colour is perfect and it lasts a really long time. Halfway through the day I have to reapply some to the center of my lips but for the rest, it stays on perfectly. It's the perfect holiday red that can be worn all year round.

You can buy the H&M Velvet Lip Cream for €7,99 at H&M stores have a beauty department.

Just Dutch Tag

Illustration by Kethi Copeland
As most of you know, I'm Dutch, no surprise there. A few days ago I saw a Dutch blogger do the Just Dutch tag. Inspired by the British tag that was quite popular a while ago. I thought, why not do it myself, so here we go!

1. One or more cookies at tea time?
I don't really get this question, obviously more then one! But when I visit someone I would only take one because I kind of think taking more would be impolite.

2. What is your favourite mash? 
I hope I translated this properly because I don't really know the correct word (google says it has to be stew but that sounds weird). I mean Stamppot, a traditional Dutch type of recipe that usually consists out of mashed potatoes and vegetables. There are multiple stampotten, but I think my two favourites are the one with kale and mashes potatoes which we call boerenkoolstamppot and the one with endive and mashed potatoes, andijviestamppot.

3. Which Dutch holiday do you like the most?
I don't believe we have a lot of holidays that are truly Dutch, the only ones I can think of are Koningsdag (kingsday), Sinterklaas and maybe bevrijdingsdag (liberation day) but the only thing Dutch about that is the date we celebrate it. Out of those three my favourite is Sinterklaas. This is basically Dutch Christmas but we celebrate Christmas as well. I also love the free festivals on liberation day but Sinterklaas is just the best.
4. What is the best place in the Netherlands?
This is hard for me on the picture above you can see a few of my favourites. Clockwise you see Amsterdam, Utrecht, My home town and a forest near Leersum. I love Amsterdam and Utrecht are my favourite 'big' cities. I study in Amsterdam so I'm a little bit prejudiced but that city has quickly earned a spot in my hart and now that I'm able to find my way around I just love it, the canals and the architecture, it's a beautiful city. The other city that I love is Utrecht, this is close to where I live so this was that big city where I would go if I wanted to shop. I know my way around here and it feels so much smaller then it actually is. I'm not going to tell you the name of the town where I live but over the years I've really learned to appreciate the this little town. We have a beautiful old center and the small forest/park we have around the castle is gorgeous around autumn. The last place I love is a forest near Leesum called 'Het Leersumse Veld'. This is a gorgeous place all year round and it's forest around a lake. The cows just walk around here and you can walk beautifully here.

5. What's your favorite accent?
My favourite accent the one they speak in the town where I live. My grandmother speaks it and my mother can speak it but never wants to, I only hear her speak it to my grandmother. It's very similar to the accent the have in Utrecht but also different. I can understand both but somebody from Utrecht won't be able to understand it. I speak normal Dutch (abn) without an accent but sometimes you can hear something shine through. I cannot really let you hear what accent I'm talking about but a good example is the word 'normal', in normal Dutch that would be 'normaal' but in my accent it is 'numoal'.
Illustration by Emily March 
6. Which word is typically Dutch in your opinion? 
I have no idea to be honest, maybe stroopwafel, klederdracht or bitterbal? I do know which words are my favourites, words with a 'w' or a 'z' in it like wereld (world) and bijzonder (special). You can read this page if you're interested in some amusing Dutch words that are very normal to me.

7. Which Dutch custom do you like the most?
I had to google this because I didn't really know which customs are typically Dutch since for me they're normal. I found this website and I think riding a bike everywhere is my favourite. For me it's absolutely normal to go to school, the bus and work on my bike. I mean the grocery store is only a 10 minute walk away but I take my bike to be there in 2 minutes. In my house we all have a bike, so that's five bikes in our shed. I've mastered the art of cycling with three bags and an umbrella and keeping everything dry and putting on my coat while cycling.

8. What is your favourite Dutch saying?
I think my answer will be 'Daar komt de aap uit de mouw', which would be 'There comes the monkey out of the sleeve' if you'd translate it literally. It means that the truth come out but I have no idea why we compare truth to a monkey.

9. What is your favourite Dutch store?
HEMA, without a doubt. HEMA is echt de sh*t, they basically have everything and I love this store.

10. Which Dutch celebrity do you like the best?
For this one I don't have an answer, I cannot think of a Dutch celebrity that I like. Don't why, but most of them just annoy me.
11. Which Dutch song do you really like?
Also hard because I don't really listen to Dutch music. I think my answer to this question would be 'zing, vecht, huild, bid, lach, werk en bewonder' by Ramses Shaffy because it was my grandfathers favourite song. The only thing is that I cannot listen to it anymore because it was playing at his funeral so I cry whenever I hear it.

12. Herring? Yes or no?
NO, definitely no. Raw herring with unions is a Dutch delicatessen but I hate it, not my thing at all. I do to see foreigners try it though, some love it, some hate it but their reaction is always priceless.

Adele Inspired Makeup Menu

Adele, what have you done with me? I have your song stuck in my head and I'm swooning over your makeup. There are tons of tutorials on Adele's makeup out there and here's my take on it. A cut crease made with matte shadows and a nude lip.

These are the products I used:
L'Oréal True Match Foundation - N1 Ivory
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles
Catrice Eyebrow Set
P2 Forever Intense Eyeshadow Cream - 020 Just As You Are
I Heart Makeup - Naked Chocolate
Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Mascara
Catrice Kohl Kajal - 010 Black
HEMA Soft Eyeliner - Black
Catrice Transparent Mattifying Powder
Sleek Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette - 372 Fair
Max Factor Creme Puff Blush - 15 Seductive Pink
TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer
Essence Lipliner - 01 Soft Rose
Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick - 190 The Nuder The Better
Essence Longlasting Lipstick - Oh So Matt!
For my eyes I used a palette I just bought by I Heart Makeup, a real stunner and I highly recommend it! But before I did that I applied applied a glittery base so that it wouldn't be a flat eyelook. On top of that I applied smoothly all over the lid to the browbone. I mixed up milky and tob-le-rone in my crease and gave it depth with choc-fest. Obviously it wouldn't be an Adele look without some liquid liner but I did it a bit thinner than she usually has. This because I had to wear this out and I didn't want to look too over the top. On my lips I'm wearing a combo of two nude lipstick just because I didn't like the shade the Catrice one gave me and didn't feel like removing it all.

Like I wrote earlier, I'm really digging Adele at the moment and I'm really sad I couldn't get tickets to go and see her. But if you're like me and missed out, just recreate her makeup and dance around your room pretending to be one of the worlds best singers.


H&M The New Nudes Smoky Eye Trio

I know I wasn't going to write about the H&M beauty line but Sinterklaas (sort of the Dutch version of Santa Clause) thought different about that. At the end of november children in the Netherlands get small presents or candy in their shoes and luckily Sinterklaas didn't forget my shoes. I was just going to leave the house when I saw a small box in my boot.  Inside of that little box was this The New Nudes Smoky Eye Trio set by H&M beauty. I knew H&M had a hair gift set but I didn't know they also did makeup sets like this one. One day I had mentioned the eyeshadows to my mother and when she took a look at them (she bought a green one called Avalon), she bought this set for me. Inside this set you'll find three eyeshadows, put together so you can make nude smoky eye look with it. The shades that are in here are called Cinnamon Roll, Chin Chin and Supernova. Luckily, all three of them are shades I don't own already. The three eyeshadows don't have special holiday packaging, they look just like the other ones. So apart from the white box, there's nothing special about them. I also believe that these shades are in the regular collection as well but I don't know that for sure. No surprise that these are just as pigmented as the other High Impact shadows I've tried. Only supernova is little bit of a let down.
Cinnamon Roll: a dark brown shade with some golden shimmer in it.
Chin Chin: a very metallic gold shade.
Supernova: a silver/champagne shade with chucks of silver glitter.
Out of these three I love Cinnamon Roll the most, it's the most wearable, most pigmented and blends the best. Supernova is my least favourite, the glitters are too chunky to be a nice highlighter and the colour blends away on my eyelids. Also the colour falls of my eyes during the day, at the end of the day my cheeks are covered in glitters so it doesn't really cling to the lids that well. Chin Chin is really pretty but also a little bit too metallic to wear on an everyday basis. Apart from Supernova, these shadows are just like the other ones I've tried, really good.

You can buy this gift set for €18,00 at H&M stores with a beauty department.

Kiko Moon Dust Face Powder 01 Mysterious Pink

Kiko's christmas collection is real stunner, it's called Cosmic Starlets. A collection inspired by four different types of women, free to express their own femininity in unique, unexpected ways: The Temptress, The Romantic, The Free Spirit and The Innocent. Four splendid, distinct beauties, proud of who they are and experts at bringing to the fore their unique qualities depending on their moods and desires. There are a lot of products in this collection and there are quit a lot of gift sets available. Normally I'm super enthusiastic about Christmas collections but this one isn't really my cup of tea. The packaging isn't really my taste and the products aren't really things I'd buy. There was however one product I couldn't leave behind, the Moon Dust Face Powder in the shade Mysterious Pink.
I don't like the packaging, but my camera doesn't either, it's not very photogenic.The red packaging looks quite pretty but the because of the mirrored inside this doesn't photograph well at all. This was the only angle that looked quit right, but I don't like the photo at all. It's looks weird but believe me, the blush inside is gorgeous.
The actual blush is a gorgeous baked pink number with gold shimmers running though it. When I swatched it at the store I was afraid it would just be an overspray but so far it looks like the shimmer is running all through.
This powder will give you a gorgeous pink glow and combined with a highlighter, no words. Just perfection. This blush has become my daily blush as of lately and I think this will become a huge favourite of which I'm really sad that it was limited.

You can buy the Kiko Moon Dust Face Powder for €13,90.

Things I've been watching #1

The first thing in this post is the new Maze Runner movie. I started reading this serie a few years ago but last summer I finally read the last book, The Death Cure. Now the second movie of the trilogy has come out and I was quit excited to watch it. I enjoyed the first movie but I was really annoyed by  the things that were missing in it. The second movie was just the same, the whole time I was missing things (or just thinking I missed them since I read the book quite a while ago) and that just really annoys me and makes my brother go mad because I ruin the movie for him haha. I liked the first movie better but I'll still was watch the third one if they're going to make that it. I do recommend it though, it's a nice action movie and overall I liked it. I'd give this movie a 6.8.

One of the series I've been watching is Devious Maids. I watched this series ever since it came out and I'm just finished with season 3. I will not say that this is a very good series but it's nice to keep my mind of things and I like the story line. It's obviously about maids but every season evolves about a mystery, this season two murders. It's one of those series that you can watch without thinking but not boring at all. I would give this a 7.5.
Another series I've watched is Game Of Thrones. A while ago I watched the season 5 and I cannot wait until season 6 comes out. The story lines in this series are really intriguing so I'm not even going to try and explain what's it about. I get why this series has won so much awards because it's just retegoed as I would say in Dutch. I'd give this a big 9.
This is one of the best movies I've watched lately. I watched this back in spring with my mother, when it was still in the cinemas and we both cried our eyes out at the end. I cry really fast but my mother doesn't and if she even cried, that says a lot about this movie. The story was beautiful and the actors were amazing, this movie really touched me. It's about a mixed race daughter of a Royal Navy Admiral that is raised by her aristocratic great-uncle in 18th century England. This obviously comes with a lot of problems. I personally love dramatic costume movies and this was definitely one of the best I've seen lately. I'd give this a big fat 9.
This is my least favourite movie I've seen in a long time. It was weird an I didn't like the story at all. It's about two teens who's relationship starts to unravel. I'm not going to spoil the ending but overall I just didn't like it. I cannot really describe it but I wouldn't recommend this movie and I'd give it a 5.
The last movie I'm going to talk about is Abduction. This was on television and my dad wanted to watch it so I watched along with him. I didn't expect it to be good but in the end I really liked it. I didn't like Taylor Lautner in Twilight, he was talking weird an moaning too much but in this movie he wasn't so bad. Still not my favourite actor but I did like the movie. On IMDB this movie gets a 5 but I think it deserves better then that. I'd give a 7.

Kiko Cream Radiance Highlighter

Highlighter has quickly grown on me and nowadays I cannot do my makeup without applying some. My favourite is Mary-Lou Manizer by TheBalm and so far, nothing I've swatches in the store has been good enough for me to actually purchase. A while back I saw that Kiko brought out a new limited edition called Midnight Siren, it looked gorgeous but none of the products really appealed to me, except the highlighter. There are two highlighters in this collection but I bought the more champagne shade called Twilight Gold. This cream highlighter comes in a little black ball with a mirror in the lid. Not the most convenient packaging but I love that Kiko tries to do something different and it looks quite cool. The little mirror inside is a bit unnecessary but I know a lot of people want products to have mirror in it. I personally never use them. I do love the story behind this packaging, it's inspired by a Tahitian pearl that reflects shimmering light. Really suitable for highlighter packaging. Look at this beauty! I've never tried a cream highlighter before but this is really nice. According to Kiko this is a creamy highlighter with a supple feel that bathes the skin in light and looking at this swatch, I completely understand that point of view. The cream is supposed to transform into a powder ones applied to the skin but that I don't really see. The cream just becomes a cream that's a bit less creamy if you know what I mean.

I haven't been using this as much as I should because it's a gorgeous highlighter. It's just that using a cream product takes more time to apply. Slapping on some powder is easy but blending a cream takes a little bit more effort.

I'm not sure if this if this product is still available since this was limited edition but if you do happen upon it, be sure to grab it since this is a beauty.


L.A. Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss

My first dip into the liquid lipstick rage was the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Peach Club but I haven't used it that much because it isn't really my shade. I know every single beauty guru is going mental for the Anastasia Beverly Hills and Kat Von D liquid lipsticks but those aren't really available in the Netherlands and quit expensive. Therefore I haven't really tried any liquid lipsticks yet. You can imagine my excitement when I read a review of a similar type of product that was easier to get here. I ordered two of the Matte Flat Finish Pigment Glosses by L.A. Girl in the shades Rebel and Bazaar. As you can see, these products are marketed as lipglosses so not exactly a liquid lipstick but I think these ones are really similar. These are described as richly pigmented colours with a matte finish that are supposed to stay on your lips the whole day. This is the shade called Bazaar. A gorgeous peach colour thats more on the darker side then the really basic peach shades every brands sells.  And this is the other one, Rebel. Also a pretty shade but more daring, this is a purple shade that won't be everybody's taste because it's quite out there.

I have to say that I'm not a fan of these. The review I read was super positive but I'm kind of negative. Applying these is really hard and let's be honest, I had to Photoshop quite a bit to get these looking nice on the photo. From a distance they look okay but on close-up photos, it just looks really bad. Also I didn't like how these felt. You have to leave your lips open to let them dry which is weird but not unbearable. But then when they're on for a while and you've had a drink and some food, thec colour has completely disappeared on the inside part of your lips. This wouldn't be a problem if you could just reapply this but that's easier said then done. You can only apply these on bare lips, if you try to apply them a second time, the product will do some weird shit that ain't pretty at all.

Overall I'm do not like these at all, I hate to be this negative in reviews but I kind of hate these and think they're a waist of money. I wouldn't recommend them at all and I for sure won't buy any other shades. The colours are great but if I cannot reapply a lipstick without it flaking of my lips, it's not for me. I like a lip product that looks and feels great on my lips and honestly, these don't really do both.

You can buy the L.A. Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigmented Glosses for €5,49 at several online stores (this one for instance).