Catrice Bouncy Eyeshadow Linda Evan-Grey-Lista

Catrice has brought out a new limited edition called Sence Of Simplicity and let me tell you, it's gorgeous. I didn't know this one was coming to be totally honest with you, therefore I was pleasantly surprised when I spotted it in the store.
Simplify your life. Minimalistic design with maximum benefits. The look of the 90ies is back and it’s conquering the catwalks. Clean. Casual. Chic. Designers are creating a fashion flashback with linear cuts and selected high-tech materials like neoprene. Black and white, the messengers of understatement and luxury, are combined with clear colours such as bright pink and orange. Silver with a mirror glaze provides a cool twist and sets innovative highlights. The Limited Edition “Sense of Simplicity” by Catrice brings the look of the 90’s to the here and now. From August to mid-September 2015, conspicuously minimalistic beauty products with a metallic and semi-matt finish underline the fashion trend of the season. There is beauty in simplicity.
The collection consists out of a blush, a powder, three lip glosses, five nail polishes and three eyeshadows. I picked up the powder because I wanted a powder I could take with me and this one i just a mattifying powder I've owned several times in different packaging but I also bought one of the eyeshadows.

The eyeshadows in this limited edition are called bouncy eyeshadows and there are three shades available, Strike a Rose, Straight Silver and Linda Evan-Grey-Lista. I swatched them all in the store and I went for the last one. I was a bit disappointed by Strike a Rose because it looked like such a beautiful rosy eyeshadow but the pigmentation was really bad. Straight Silver was gorgeous as well but I just don't see myself wearing a silver eyeshadow that much. All of the eyeshadows come in beautiful glass jars with a sparkly lid, very pretty.

I can see why Catrice calls this shadow bouncy, when you press your finger in there, it kind of bounces without getting product on there. Once you really swipe your finger in it, you get the pigment. With one swipe (swatch on the left), the pigment isn't great, just a wash of shimmery grey but as you can see on the photo, the colour is really buildable (swatch on the right). Once you work with it for a little bit, it looks gorgeous, sparkly, smoky and opaque. Let's see how it performs on the eyes.

This product is perfect for a one product eyeshadow look. Here I'm wearing the bouncy eyeshadow blended out on my eyelids and I love the look, really smokey and super easy. This is perfect if you need a quick party look and you don't have time, just apply the shadow all over the eyelid and bled it out. A bit of highlighter on your brow bone and inner corner (I used Aurora from the MUA Heaven & Earth palette), some mascara and your done. You do have to work with it though, you cannot slap it onto your eyes without blending because then it will look really patchy and crease like hell. If you blend it, you don't have that issue.

I'm super happy with this new eyeshadow and I think that even though I'll probably don't wear it every day, will get quite a lot of use out of it. I love the smokey effect and the packaging is gorgeous. The product is pigmented and long lasting and just overall a stunner.

You can buy the Catrice Bouncy Eyeshadow for €3,99 at the store during august and halfway through September. 

Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoohter 040 Coffee To Go

Today another review of a new Catrice product, although this one isn't entirely new, it's just a new shade. Last March I wrote a review of the Beautifying Lip Smoother and today I'm going to show you the new shade 040 Coffee To Go. Not an extensive review today, just showing you the colour of this product.

Coffee To Go is a brownish shade that completely fits in the 90s nude trend. Just like the other shade I own, it's a nude shade and you definitely don't need both. There is a colour difference, but not much. The formula is just as nice, and since I use my other shade quite a lot, I think I can justify it. Now I can sort of switch between them and tell myself I'm making an effort in not wearing the same lip product every day. And let's face it, chapped lip season is coming so I need all the lip balm I can get.

You can buy the Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother for €3,59.

P2 Forever Intense Eye Shadow Cream 020 Just As You Are

Some products are hard to form an opinion on, that's also the case with today's product. I bought this in Germany because I was impressed with the swatch but now that I own it I'm not sure. The product I'm talking about is the P2 Forever Intense Eyeshadow cream.

P2 is a German brand that I don't know much about, I own a few of their nail polishes and they are great but I was curious about the rest. I have mixed thoughts about the packaging, without the lid the product looks luxurious and pretty but the lid is plastic with a metal colour that makes it look cheap. For some reason I like it though, I'm sort of sucker for metallic packaging even though I don't think it looks elegant but rather trashy.

The actual product is really pretty though, it's hard to describe the colour of this product but it's some sort of rose gold champagne shade. Really shimmery and pretty and I hope it looks really pretty on the eyes as it does in the jar.

Just like in the store, the swatch is beautiful. On the eyes it looks pretty as well but it also kind of looks like weird, kid of like metallic crocodile skin. Overall I like this look, I'm wearing a shadow by Catrice in my crease (this one) and I really like this shimmery champagne pink look.

As I said in the beginning, I haven't really formed an opinion on this product yet. It's pretty but I don't know if the formula is that great. I don't think I'll wear it as thick as I did in the look above, just as a subtle wash blended and softly applied with a brush. That way it's a really nice product that lasts quite a long time.

You can buy the P2 Forever Intense Eye Shadow for €2,99.

Catrice Velvet Matt Eyeshadow Princess Mattleine

Yet another new review of another new product by Catrice. Not a lipstick this time but an eyeshadow. This is a new shade in the Velvet Matte range, I already own a mossy green shade which I use quite often (even though it's a green and not a bronze shade) and now they've brought out a peachy nude shade. Let's take a look at it.

Just like all Catrice single shadows this one comes in clear plastic packaging with silver details. Inside you find the shadow, unlike my other velvet matte shadow, this one is flat. In the unused pan the shadow has a very tiny pattern but that's gone after you use it.

I was quite surprised when I swatched this shadow, instead of the matte finish I was expecting, it looked almost metallic. Then I remembered that these shadows aren't matte, they're velvet matte and there is a difference. Velvet fabric also has a metallic sheen over it sometimes. The shade itself is really pretty, a mauvisch pink shade that will, hopefully, look just just as pretty on on my eyelids.

And indeed it does. Here I'm wearing Princess Mattleine all over my lid and the shade #Chocfix from the #Selfie palette in my crease. On my lashline I've lightly applied a matt black shade called Corrupt from the MUA Undress Me Too palette. It doesn't come across as pretty on the photos as in real like but you can see the effect a bit. Princess Mattleine is one of those shade you can even wear on it's own, I only applied the brown shade in my crease because of the photo (eyeshadow never comes across on photos as it does in real life which is why I always make my looks heavier if I take a photograph of it), on it's own the shadow looks gorgeous. It's a gorgeous nude shade that will really come in handy, on it's own as well as combined with other shades to make a nude look.

I'm happy with this new shade, it's a great nude and I think I will get a lot of wear out of it. The formula is great. The Velvet Matte shadows are a little bit more expensive then most drugstore shadows but I think they're worth it. The two I've tried are gorgeous and the the reviews I've read about the other shades are all really positive. I just wish Catrice would put these into a palette so that you won't have to buy so many mono's, that would be perfect.

You can buy the Velvet Matt Eyeshadows for €3,99 and there are six shades in total. 

Essence Sheer & Shine Lipstick

Lipsticks, my weakness. A pretty pink lipstick is something I'll never be short off because I have way too many. And now I've added two new ones to my collection.,. Last Tuesday you could my review of the Catrice Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick and today I'm showing you a new lip product by Essence.

These are the new Sheer & Shine lipsticks by Essence. Described as soft and sheer with a pleasantly light feeling on the lips. The lipsticks will provide your lips with a subtle colour and a fantastic shine. Wanna-have nudes, browns and pinks to fit everybody's taste. There are thirteen shades available of which I bought two pink-toned shades. 03 BFF and 11 All About That Cupcake. I bought BFF earlier, which is why it's already used. I'm sorry for that, I know it's a blogger sin.

Essence have really upped their game lately, first the long lasting lipsticks which look gorgeous, then the fantastic nude line and now these sheer & shine ones. They come in silver bullets with lids in the shade of the lipstick, really useful because this was you can easily spot them in your stash.

On the left you see BFF and on the right All About That Cupcake. BFF is much larger and has more red in it. All About That Cupcake is a light neutral pink shade and just like the name suggests, the formula is quite sheer. Still they're more opaque then I expected, they give off quite a lot of colour and I really hope they will look as good onto my lips.

On the lips they look a lot more similar then on my arm. Still you can see some difference. BFF (left) is definitely more red and less nude then All About That Cupcake. You cannot really see it on my lips but these lipsticks are really glossy, normally I don't like this finish in a lipstick but in a nude sheer lipstick like this it's quite nice actually. The result is a nice natural lip with a touch of shine, really pretty to wear on days you just don't feel like it.

I think Essence has done a good job on these new lipsticks, the formula is great and I really like the shades I just bought. Pretty pink neutrals that I will get a lot of wear out, hopefully. I'm a fan and I will definitely take a look in the store if there are more shades available.

You can buy the Essence Sheer & Shine Lipstick for €1,99

Catrice Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick

The new Catrice and Esence makeup is here! Last Saturday you could already read my review on the Essence All About Nudes palette and today it's time for a Catrice product, a lip-product to be more exact. When I saw the new products for the first time online, these Shine Appeal Fluid Lipsticks really caught my attention, I just loved the packaging. I bought two shades, when I was in Germany I bought 070 Better Make A Mauve and back here in the Netherlands I also purchased 060 Marry Berry.

I've tried a million sentences to describe the packaging but I can just  not get it out of my fingers, let's just say. A photo say's enough.
The Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick is a true beauty hybrid and unites the pure colour of a lipstick with the maximum shine effect of a gloss. It contains vitamin E that pampers the sensitive lip area and offers a smooth, bright finish. With nuances to choose from soft nude to classical red shades, the Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick is sure to make all colour dreams come true.
According to the Catrice website there are twelve shades but that's only in the larger stores. In most stores where they sell Catrice there are just six shades available, my two shades are among those shades.

The applicator is really basic and simple but I did find that it worked really well. It was really easy to apply the product to my lips neatly. It simple but it does the job.

I'm sorry for the different lighting in the photos, for some reason my camera just didn't work probably. As you can see, the lipstick is quite pigmented but the texture is more like a gloss. On my lips they also feel more like a gloss than a lipstick. Exactly what Catrice said about the product, the pigmentation of a lipstick and the shine of a gloss. Marry Berry is a purplish shiny shade which I'm not sure about. I like it but I'm not a massive fan of the glossy finish. Maybe if I apply it less thick and pad it into my lips, Better make a Mauve however, is gorgeous. It's a my lips but better shade with a bit of shimmer. I'm usually not a fan of shimmer on my lips but this way it just works.

I'm a fan of the nude one but the purple one, I'm not sure about. I haven't been wearing it that much but I don't think this will become a huge favourite. I like the packaging, I like the scent and I like the formula, maybe I just choose a wrong shade. I'm most certainly going to look in the store if there's another nude shade that I like (although the red one is tempting as well) and if I do, I'll will definitely let you know.

You can buy the Catrice Shine Appeal Fluid Lipsticks for €3,99.

Essence All About Nudes Eyeshadow

Back in spring I wrote a review about a nude palette by Essence (read it here). It was a bit too shimmery to my liking but I still liked it a lot and I have used it quite a lot in the meantime. Now Essence has discontinued that nude palette and brought out a range of new palettes with more shades, less shimmer and different variations.

There are five variations in the 'All About...'line. Vintage, bronze, Roses, greys and the one I bought, nudes. Each palette has both light and darker shades and is a mix between matte and shimmery shades.

I'm not that impressed by the swatches. The pigment of most shades is good but there are also some disappointing shades (like the second one). I think the bottom part of the palette is my favourite (last four swatches), those shades are nicely pigmented and quite buttery. The top row is a bit more chalky.

I created a soft nude look with this palette and I'm not too dissapointed. I used the four shades in the top row and for shades with quite bad swatches. They perform quite well on the lid. The only downside is that they blend too easily. It looks a bit like a brown blurr, which is really pretty but you cannot see much definition in my look.

Overall I'm not too impressed by this palette. You can create nice nude looks with it but the shades aren't that special. The thing I do like is that this isn't a typical nude palette. Instead of just brown shades is has more pinkish shades which is a nice alternative to most nude drugstore palettes. If your just starting out with makeup and want to grow your eyeshadow stash, this is a good one but if you already own a great deal of shadows, like me, this is more of a mweh. I like the look I created with it but I just don't think I'll use this a lot. We'll see...

You can buy this palette for €3,99

Catrice Camouflage Cream

In today's post I'm revisiting an old favourite of mine, the camouflage cream by Catrice. Over two years ago I wrote a review but I thought why not write a new one? I'm taking that old one down and writing a fresh new one, with new and better photos and hopefully a better review. Let's go.

The camouflage cream comes in a small black pot, sleek and functional. The only thing is that a pot like this isn't very hygenic, especially when you use your finger to apply it. Personally I only use a brush and I clear the surface with some alcohol once in a while so I think I'm save. This is a creamy concealer which I use on spots, not under my eyes. I prefer a more liquid concealer for that purpose. Of course you can use a thicker concealer like this under your eyes as well but then the risk of looking like a pancake is high.

There are three shades available; 010 Ivory, 020 Light Beige and 025 Rosy Sand. Not a very wide range but for my fair skin Ivory is for me the perfect shade. The other two are darker but at least Catrice made a more yellow one and a more pink shade.

Right now I wish I had a tattoo on my wrist so that I could show you the cover power this concealer has (this beautyblogger did that). You'll just have to believe me, it's amazing. The coverage is amazing and so far there hasn't been a spot on my face that I couldn't cover.

I know I'm putting the concealer under my eyes but like I said, a creamy concealer like this isn't perfect for the under eye area. The problem is that since I don't have any spots at the moment so I couldn't cover anything up but my dark circles. Applying it there just doesn't work for me. For spots and around the nose, where I usually have some redness, I think it's save to say that this is the best cream concealer on the Dutch drugstore market.

You can buy the Catrice Camouflage Cream for €2,99. The pot holds 3 grams which will take you forever to finish. Believe me, my old one lasted for forever. 

I ♥ Makeup #Selfie Palette

Today I'm showing you a palette that I almost didn't buy but I'm soo glad I did. I was hesitant because of the name, I mean, what nineteen year old buys a makeup palette that's called #Selfie? I absolutely hate the name and the packaging but man o man, the eyeshadows inside of it are gorgeous.

This is how it looks, do you see what I mean? The packaging is all black with in huge letters '#selfie' on it, and all of that is holographic. It's the worst but deep deep down, I love it, it reminds me of flippo's (don't know if that's something Dutch or not).

Check us in - Me Me Me! - #Chocfix - Goldigga - #awks - #Love - Share This - #Trashy - #Club - How Many Likes?
Cringe, cringe cringe, those names. Just forget about that and look at these gorgeous swatches. The pigmentation of these eyeshadows is fantastic, especially for such a cheap looking budget palette. Another thing I noticed right away is the texture, the shadows are really buttery and the fall out isn't too bad. Just looking at the swatches I think my favourites are #Chocfix and Goldigga.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara (review)
HEMA Waterproof Eyeliner
Catrice Eyebrow Set
This is the look I created for this review, a nude look but with a bit of a smoky twist. I started by applying 'Check Us In' all over my lid to get a nice base and make blending easier. Then it was time to build the crease, I started with '#Chocfix' and then deepened the shade with 'Share This'. I also applied those two shades on the lower lashline but only on the outer part. I finished the eyeshadows by applying '#Awks' on the center of the lid and 'Me Me Me!' on the inner corner. I didn't use it on my browbone because it's too glittery to my liking, when I was done with these photos I applied Mary-Lou Manizer by TheBalm there.

This palette came with a primer as well but I'm not a fan of that one, it's champagne tinted and I just prefer my Catrice Prime & Fine Eyeshadow Base (review). The shadows however, wauw. The pigment is really good and they last all day without creasing. Apart from the packaging, I don't have any negative to say about this beautiful palette.

You can buy this I Heart Makeup #Selfie eyeshadow palette for € 5,99.