January Empties

Hello my lovely readers,

It's the end of the month again and we all know what that means, time for empties! A while ago I cleared out my makeup which means that I have quite a lot to show you this month. If I hadn't done that I'd probably gone another month without an empties post since I don't have a lot of products. I'm gonna start with those four non-makeup empties.

Les Couleurs de Bretagne Gel De Douche Bruyere - Pro Set Ultra Strong Mousse - Bioderma - Nivea Cleansing gel
This lavender showergel was a present from G and I loved it. It smelled amazing and it was from France, what else could you want? But seriously this is a really nice showergel that I used quite a lot on evening that I wanted to relax. The lavender scent was just so relaxig. The second product is a mini hair mousse which I started using after I finished the mousse that I had and I didn't really like it. It just didn't do anything for my hair. I've decided not to use mousse for a while to see if I really miss it, otherwise I can quit buying mouse and same some money. The third product is a mini bottle of bioderma. I have finished this quite a while ago but there was a little bit left and I wanted to save to bottle to reuse while traveling. Small problem, the lid doesn't come off. No refilling in that department so I used the last two drops and threw the bottle in my empties bag. The last non-makeup item I finished is a cleansing gel from Nivea that I didn't like. I bought this in the summer but I didn't like it at all, it just felt too sticky and gelly, it did remove my makeup but I didn't like the texture so I wouldn't buy this again.

Essence All About Matt Oil Free Makeup - Catrice Prime and Fine Highlighting Powder - Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer - Catrice All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder
I'm going to start with all the face makeup I'm gonna get rid of, starting with a foundation. This is a cheap ass foundation that I got because I only had bases with SPF in it and needed one without for a party. I used it once, didn't hate it but it was way too dark which is why I never used it. Next is a gorgeous highlighter of which I doubted a lot whether I should get rid of it or not. In the end it's going because the packaging is falling apart. It's gorgeous but I rarely use it and the lid keeps falling off. Then I have a product that's is actually empty, it's my beloved Collection concealer. I'm so terribly sad that this is empty because it's the best concealer I've ever used. And the last product is a powder, I thought this was going to be the first powder that I'd finish but then I dropped it and the lid fell off...

Rimmel Stay Glossy 6H 330 Dare To Stay - L'Oréal Shine Caresse Gloss Stain 102 Romy - Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss 15 True Love - Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss 215 Super Natural - Catrice Ultimate Colour lipstick 050 Princess Peach
Moving on to lip products, I have way too many lip things but I managed to say goodbye to five. This Rimmel once is one I've used with lots of love but it's time has come. It doesn't smell right anymore and a lot of it is gone. The L'Oréal lipgloss is completely empty however, this I also used with lots of love but as you can see, it's almost completely empty. Then we have a lipgloss from Essence that I just never used, it's a really nice shade but I never reach for it, now it doesn't smell good anymore. This Revlon gloss is really nice neutral that I've used quite a lot but the formula has started separating and I don't wanna use it any more when it's looking like this. The last lip product is a bright orange lipstick that I never wear. I bought this thinking it was the perfect lipstick for kingsday and when the Dutch football team is playing but to be honest, I never really use it.

Essence Mono Eyeshadow 30 Happy Hour - Bourjois Ombre à Paupières Eyeshadow 48 Vert Pétillant - Essence Mono Eyeshadow 45 Back To Khaki - Essence Snow Jam Jumbo Duo Eyepencil
Then we have eyeshadows ,three eyeshadows and one pencil. The two shadows from Essence are both metallic ones that I never wear and therefore are just a waste of space. The one from Bourjois is a bright green shade that I also never wear. Then we have the pencil, it's a nice one don't get me wrong but it's metallic and not really for me.

Then we have the last batch of empties. First I have waterproof mascara topcoat that worked amazing but has dried out. The second one is one of the best eyeliners I've ever tried. This liquid liner from Catrice is intensely black and super long lasting. The only downside is that I prefer eyeliner pens since it's much easier. For this one you have to take your time when applying it. The last emptie of this month is this browgel. It used to be clear but as you can see it has turned brown and rubbish looking. I'm currently trying one from Catrice and I don't notice much of a difference, they are just gels that keep my brows in place all day.

And that was it for this empties post, I've linked to all the reviews I've written on them so definitely check those out if you want to know about the products.


Essie Take It Outside

If I'd to pick one nail polish brand to wear for the rest of my life it would probably be Essie. The quality of their polishes are always amazing and they have a really good colour selection. Last week I was browsing around some shops and of course I couldn't surpass the Essie stand. Usually there are some polishes from previous collections one sale (30% off) and that's when I mainly buy me nail polish. This time I went for a taupe/grey neutral polish called 'Take It Outside' that was part from the 'Dress To Kilt' autumn collection. Just like most Essie nail polish the formula is creamy and completely opaque in two coats. I now see that I only applied one coat on my pinky but in real life that doesn't even show. This was an autumn polish but I don't think it looks super autumnal, it's just a pretty neutral that you can wear year round. If you happen to spot this in the stores I can highly recommend to pick it up because it's a staple that cannot miss in your collection.


Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush Cherub

I don't know why but lately I've been wanting to buy a lot of makeup again. Every product I see looks appealing and when I hear and see bloggers talk about new products I immediately add them to my 'to buy list'. That's how this product I'm reviewing today ended up in my virtual basket. I cannot remember when or in what video, but ever since I heard Estée from essiebutton.com talk about this blush I have been wanting it. I however had no idea how to get it, that was until I discovered the wonderful world of online beauty shopping, something I never did before. It started with an offer on the Real Techniques brushes (read my review here) and now I'm checking feelnique.com and lookfantastic.com every single day. I haven't ordered anything yet but I don't think it will take long (read: when my salary comes I'll crave) till I do. For now I'm just going to review this blush by Daniel Sandler.

Daniel Sandler is a relatively unknown brand to me. As far as I knew this by a makeupartist created brand, was only sold in the UK. Turns out there are also two selling points outside the UK, in Norway and Spain. Everybody else has to buy the products online (read here where).
Sandler is a international makeup artist and claims his makeup is easy and quick to apply and contains the best ingredients. I personally had never heard of him and but that doesn't matter since I don't know many makeup artists anyway. Daniel Sandler is all about enhancing beauty and after all, that's we all want right?

The watercolour blush is like the name suggests a liquid. I've never tried a liquid blush before but I don't think that weird since there aren't a lot of liquid blushers on the market. There are some but most brand only have cream of powderblushes. I that aspect this one is quite special I think. The packaging of it doesn't look expensive and fancy but it still makes me feel like a pro, it just looks like something a professional makeup artist would have in it's kit.

The products comes out of this little pipette, when you squeeze in the bottle, out falls a little pink drop. Before you do this however you have to shake vigorously because the product separates. When you leave the bottle standing for a while you can clearly see that there are two different fluids. On top a sheer layer and below that one that's light pink. Once you've shaken the bottle you're left with a light pink fluid that to me, looks a little bit like paint.

Because this blush is very pigmented you only need one drop for both of your cheeks. The formula is very runny so be a little bit careful when you squeeze out that one drop on your hand or finger. There is also a brush available called the waterbrush which you can use. On the photo above it looks like there are shimmers in this blush but that's not the case, as you can see on the next photo.

This shade is called 'Cherub' and as you can see it's a pale pink, my favourite shade when it comes to blush. In total there are 11 shades so if this one isn't your cup of tea (which I doubt since it's gorgeous) there are a lot of other options for you. For those of you who are intrested, here's a full list of the ingredients in this blush.
Cyclopentasiloxane, Isododecane, Polymethyl Methacrylate, C18-38 Alkyl Hydroxystearoyl Stearate, Cera Alba, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Polyethylene, Alcohol Denat. [+/- CI 77891, CI77491, CI 77492, CI 77499, CI 75470, CI 45380, CI 77007, Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate, Silica, Tin Oxide, Mica]

Other products I'm wearing:
Essence Eyebrow Stylist Set

On the cheeks the blush gives a very pretty healthy effect. It gives me a healthy pink glow and looks very natural. 'Cherub' is one the most popular shade (I think) and I can understand why, it's the perfect natural everyday blush. I applied it by dropping a dot of colour on the back of my hand and then padding the product on my cheeks with my finger. Then I blended the pink dots I had on my face out with a finger as well. Really easy and the perfect amount of colour!

I ordered Cherub on Feel Unique for €16,50 but apparently it was on sale then because now it costs €19,29. This blush is gorgeous and I'm very glad I purchased this beautiful blush and I think this will for sure be a huge favourite. Another big plus is the fact that it's waterproof and superlonglasting, which is a very good thing if you live in the Netherlands like me where it's always raining. I also think this will be very good during the summertime since this probably won't slide of your face like a lot of makeup does in the heat.... I'm in love at the moment and I really want more shades now but I think I'll hold back for a while since this blush isn't the cheapest. What are your thoughts on this blush and what shades would you recommend? I'm very curious!


Essence Extra Longlasting Eyeliner Pen

For some reason it's really hard to photograph eyeliners (especially the pen-type ones), it's almost as hard as finding a good budget eyeliner. This is the last one I've tried but since it dried out, it's time for a new one. The one I went for is the cheapest I could find (I'm still Dutch and you know what they say about us haha) and that was the Extra Longlasting Eyeliner Pen from Essence.

This eyeliner has Japanese ink and ensures an absolutely accurate line. The tip is quite stiff but since I've only been using it for a week or so, I don't know for how long this will stay this stiff. The point is however quite thick which makes drawing a very thin line is nearly impossible. Luckily I'm not that great in thin lines anyway so my eyeliner always is a bit thicker as I would like.

I'm quite pleased with this eyeliner. It's black and very longlasting. I went to 'The Theory of Everything' while wearing this eyeliner and it did not budge. I came out with red eyes but my eye makeup was still perfect. I'm curious to see how long it will take this eyeliner to try out because I definitely think this is a very good drugstore eyeliner pen.

This eyeliner pen costs €2,59 which is definitely worth it in my opinion. I don't know if this will survive a dip in the pool or a heavy rainstorm, but a huge cry it will surely survive.


Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Collection

A day after a Christmas I decided to buy myself a Christmas present but it didn't arrive until last week. The present I gave to myself was this set of Real Techniques brushes. I already own one real techniques brush which I use every single day to apply my foundation (read my review of the Expert Face Brush here) and I wanted to see if I'd like other brushes from this brand as well.

The set I got is the 'Duo Fiber Collection' which contains three brushes. A face brush, a contour brush and an eye brush, all duo-fiber. These brushes have two different types of hairs (which makes it duo-fiber) and is therefore perfect to create soft layers and add texture to your face.

Most real techniques are pink, purple or orange but this set (it's limited edition but I already wanted to buy this in the summer so it's around for a while now) has white handles. I think I like this look better then the standard one, it looks more classic and I think just looks a little bit more expensive. However the colours from the standard line are coming back in these ones, the letters on the brush are in the colours as the handles usually are. On one side of the handles you can see the brand but on the other side it says what kind of brush it is.

This is what the brushes look like up close. It looks like the hairs are two toned but that's not the case. There are black hairs and white hairs and these two different types of hairs make these brushes duo-fiber.
  • Duo-Fiber Eye Brush: This is the smallest brush out of the three. I already have two similar brushes from HEMA but those one is a thousand times softer. Because this brush is so soft it blends my eyeshadow seamlessly. I've been using this every day since I got this and the other two have barely been touched since.
  • Duo-Fiber Contour Brush: This one is bigger then the eye brush but still quite small. This one is intended to contour and I'd have to say it took me some time to get used to this one the first couple of times I contoured with it. I used to contour with a big blush brush but this works so much better. At first you get a very harsh line but with some blending it looks so much better.
  • Duo-Fiber Face Brush: This is the biggest brush. It's very fluffy and is designed for lightweight application and blending of face powder or pigments. I started using this as my powder brush but it was too small to my liking, I prefer using it for blush. It applied blushes very softly and I love the result. The size is perfect for my cheeks and it gives me the perfect flushed cheeks.
And that's about all I have to say about it. These brushes have found their way into my daily makeup routine and I'm very glad I got them (especially since I bought them when they were on sale). Real Techniques has a few selling points (even in Holland since a while) but I got mine from lookfantastic.com, there they cost €31,42.


Catrice Leaving Soon - Recommendations

Hello my lovely readers,

When I was browsing online for new makeup I realized I had not taken  a look at the products that will be discontinued this spring. Going through all of them would take me way too look and therefore I'll just show you my recommendations. Here are the products of which I think you should pick them up before they're gone.

420 Talk Like An Eygyptian - 670 Vanilla & Charles - 770 Smoothie Operator
In total there are six shades what will be discontinued but these three are my favourites. I don't own any of these particular shades but I do like some of the Catrice mono's. You have to look for the gems but after looking at some swatches of them online, I really think these three are beautiful. 'Talk Like An Egyptian' is perfect if you're looking a yellowy gold shade, 'Vanilla & Charles' is a gorgeous highlighter and perfect if your just starting out with  makeup and 'Smoothie Operator' is a highly pigmented yellow shade and since nice yellow shades are hard to find I think this is the one you should go for if you want one.

040 Never Let Me Go
I actually own a few of these palettes but just like the mono's, you have to look for the gems. Again I don't any of these the palettes that are going but 'Never Let Me Go' is the one out of the four that I'd buy after looking online. This is a gorgeous nude palette that's perfect for the girls that are just starting to wear eyeshadows and want something pretty and nude. The colours are very pigmented and if I didn't already have so many nude shadows I'd definitely pick this beauty up.

070 Gold Leaf Me
Again, I don't own this shade but I do own three other shades in the Liquid Metal range. I don't wear them a lot but they are gorgeous and highly pigmented. 'Gold Leaf Me' is a greenish golden shade and I really think this will find it's way to my house pretty soon.

170 Blues Willis
Finally, a product that do own. This is a gorgeous blue eyepencil that I use quite a lot, mainly in the summertime but that doesn't matter. It's incredibly pigmented and lasts a really long time. The blue shade is very in your face but it looks gorgeous under the eyes. You can read my review here.

060 Go Flamingo Go - 250 Matt About Pink - 290 Sweet Coraline
The first lip product I'd recommend is this 'Pure Shine Colour Lip Balm' which is like the name suggests, a shiny lip balm. I'm not a massive fan of these because they're quite sticky but after looking this shade up online, I kind of fell in love. 'Go Flamingo Go' is a gorgeous sheer orange colour that I'd love to try. There are also some 'Ultimate Colour' lipsticks going, these lipsticks are probably my favourite ones in the drugstore and these two shades are gorgeous. 'Matt About Pink' is a super bright pink matt shade and 'Sweet Coraline' a more orangy red matt shade which I own but not wear a lot since the shade isn't flattering on me. You can read my review here.

01 Fuchsiarama - 44 Mermaid My Day - 55 Get The Blues
There are nine of shades going of the ultimate colour line and these three are the ones I'd buy. The swatches of these look creamy and nice and the colours are quite special in my opinion. Three shades that appeal to me and maybe also to you.

And that was it, these are the products I'd buy or own from the things that will be gone in February. I'm not sure which I'm actually going to buy but maybe this post gave you an idea of what to buy.


Catrice Prime and Fine Mattifying Powder

A while ago I dropped my beloved All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder and the lid broke off. Normally that wouldn't be a problem but since the lid wouldn't stay put anymore, the powder was crumbling all over my drawer of makeup. Therefore I decided it was time too throw it out and buy a brand new powder. Since I liked that powder from Catrice soo much I decided that I would buy another one from this brand, I went for the 'Prime and Fine Mattifying Powder'.

This facepowder comes in a clear pan with a black lid. Inside the lid is a integrated mirror. It feel sturdy but I do think the lid will fall off again if I drop it (but that's the case with most powders right?).

This is a transparant powder, I never really use coloured powders because thopwose powders tend to look very cakey. Transparant powders always look much natural and do the same job. This powder promises to do a lot but just like most powders this is just a powder that mattifies to the skin. It says that it has a soft-focus effect and vitamin A+E but in the end all it does is make you face look matt.
That doesn't mean that I don't like this powder, it does everything I want it too do and it's also quite long lasting. My face (especially my t-zone) doesn't get greasy during the day. I like this and as long as I don't drop it, I'll probably use it every single day.
This powder costs €4,99.


NYX HD Photogenic Concealer

At least, my favourite concealer has run out. Of course the one I'm talking about is my beloved Collection Concealer (review) that now has to be replaced since Collection isn't sold here in the Netherlands. I decided to try this 'Photogenic Concealer' from NYX, let's see if I like it.
Just like most concealers, this one has a sponge applicator. I personally like this type of applicators because it's very easy, however it's not very hygienic since you cannot clean it. 

I only applied concealer on my right eye and as you can see, it works. It's much brighter and my blue circles are less visible then those under my left eye. There is nothing wrong with the brightening aspect or the coverage. However, the formula is quite dry and especially in this time of the year when my skin is drier then normal, that is not a good combination. I'm sorry I don't have any closeups but those photos failed. Still this full face photo gives you a good impression off the concealer.
I've been using it now for a little over a week and I can't say I love it but I also don't hate it. The coverage is good but because the formula is so drying it's not a good match for me in the winter time. I'm going to use this one up but after that I think I'll go on a hunt for a concealer that I like better.
In the Netherlands you can buy this concealer at Douglas for €6,99.


Catrice Limited Edition Nude Purism

Hello my lovely readers,

Ease. Elegance. Freshness. In spring 2015, designers are loving the interaction of transparent fabrics and beautiful, flowing cuts. Soft nude tones, off white, sand and pink go hand in hand. The new wardrobe embraces elegant, all-over nude as a trendy understatement. New interpretations of 90’s fashion are convincing with their pure minimalism.
The Limited Edition “Nude Purism” by CATRICE picks up on the trend with a perfectly aligned “no make-up” or “nude” look; a feminine and extremely natural-looking make-up style that dominated all the big fashion shows this season. From the end of February until the end of March 2015, this edition offers long-lasting quattro eyeshadows, lipsticks with a glossy finish as well as nail polishes in taupe, coffee, rosé and a cool light blue. Nude sets the tone.

Nude Eye Colour Quattro €4,59
Neutrals. There are two convincing versions with four trendy nude colours each: sand, rosé and coffee are complemented by a cool light blue; taupe, pale pink and soft pink are accompanied by a dark aubergine. Both clusters of four contain matt as well as silky-shimmering shades that can be combined to create an expressive eye make-up look with fabulous shading. The smooth textures are long-lasting, offer maximum coverage and are easy to apply.

Naked Brown - Taupe-less

Gentle Lip Colour €4,59
Soft and Shiny. The four subtly graduated nude nuances light toffee, feminine pink and rosé as well as classic rosewood create soft and natural colour accents on your lips. The creamy texture has a shiny finish.
Barely Pink - Silky Rose - Delicate Rosewood - Nearly Nude

Pure Shimmer Highlighter €4,59
Skin Couture. The most beautiful (under)statement of this edition is a true eye-catcher: the Pure Shimmer Highlighter. The attractive 3D relief structure of the ultra-silky pressed powder is reminiscent of a softly shimmering honeycomb. Finely graded nude and light-reflecting pigments set subtle highlights on your face and neckline.

Pure Shimmer Highlighter

Nude Nail Lacquer €2,99
Pure Perfection. Coffee, rosé, taupe and cool light blue are welcoming the spring season and are a perfect match for the new nude shades of the designer dresses. The Nude Nail Lacquer promises ultimate colours – with and without effects – ultimate coverage and ultimate shine, which is sure to turn these limited shades into the must-haves of the season.

Taupe-less - Barely Pink - Pure Blue - Naked Brown

WOW, this is a gorgeous collection that's right up my alley. Gorgeous nude makeup that looks beautiful. I think I like it even more than this collection of which I still not know but don't think it will be available in the Netherlands.

Every product in this line is very pretty but I think I'll go for the lipsticks and the highlighter, they look absolutely gorgeous. It's quite a small collection (but that's good for our wallets haha) but that doesn't make it less gorgeous.


Capturing London In Black & White #3

Hello my  lovely readers,

I know it already was last year that G and I went to London but I'm still doing my London posts. Nobody ever gets bored when looking at photos of London right?
Day three of our time in London started by visiting Notting Hill again because now there actually was a market. However, it was incredibly busy and we just felt crushed and uncomfortable. After a short time visiting market we decided to go to Tate modern. While walking to Tate we were passed by a huge parade of bikers but we had now idea what kind of event this was.
While walking we spotted St Paul's Cathedral, we didn't go any closer then this to the building but even from far away, it looked gorgeous. Especially on this photo, you can really see the character of London, many old beautiful building but also new industrial ones, a pretty contrast that you see all over London. 

Before we actually went to Tate, we had a bit of a break at the base of the Millennium Bridge. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and it was really relaxing. A very quiet spot in a very busy city. The view was absolutely gorgeous, on one side we saw the Shard and on our other hand we had the Millennium Bridge. At one point I got a little bit bored and started risking my life (well, risking falling into the Thames) to take the last photo, looks cool right? I was standing on that concrete wall you see a little bit off on the left, I felt really badass haha.

Then we went onto the bridge, a huge super long bridge (nothing compared the small bridges in Amsterdam). From the bridge we had a spectacular view over the Thames and even saw Tower Bridge for the first time, very far away but still. I also spotted some love locks on the railing, I think it's cute but guys, please only do this in Paris on the 'Pont des Arts' and 'Pont de l'Archevêché' and not on a random bridge in London.
At the end of the bridge (next to Tate)  you also had quite a spectacular view off St Paul's Cathedral. I think this is a beautiful photo (it's my desktop background haha) because of the symmetry, it looks like a triangle with the Cathedral at the top. 
At the base of the bridge were several street artist. My camera battery ran out so I only have this photo of them, this guy was amazing and I was memorized by this music. One other guy that I remember was a guy who blew huge bubbles which gave this place a really fun and almost magic feeling that I'll remember. 
Inside the museum was a lot of beautiful art by amazing artists. Including a painting of one my favourite artists, Monet. I love his art but this was the first time I saw his work in real life. A lot of people will say this is just some ugly stains on canvas but it's so much more, if you just take look and read the reason why Monet painted like this. 
I also saw this amazing artwork by Man Ray. It's not necessarily pretty but for me this has a lot of memories (art class during Highschool). I believe this is a replica but I don't care, the dada art movement is one of my favourites because they are un-normal, I love it. 
The last thing out of the museum I'm going to share with you is this quote on the wall. I don't know why but it just spoke to me. 
This little sign is something I had the giggles about. The people surrounding us must have thought we were very weird but in Dutch 'stout' means 'naughty' so you can understand why we laughed so hard about this. How would you feel when you suddenly walked by a sign that said 'naught' with a mustache and a bowler hat.
Then I also saw that the Thames had tides. I knew this but it wasn't until I saw it it realized it. So weird to see this, because as far as I know, we don't have river with tides this massive in the Netherlands (or at least I've never seen it).
We walked back over another bridge to get dinner at a place we found online and had a lot of fun in this very scary and creepy tunnel. Look at G walking mega swagalicious! haha.
Then there was the hugest fail of our citytrip. We walked a long time to a restaurant that was supposed to be cheap and good but once we finally got there, it was redone and looked really expensive. We turned around and decided to get dinner at the ssupermarketand make it a chill evening. 

And that was it for our third day and this post. I hope you liked it!