The Body Shop Fijan Water Lotus Shower Gel & Shea Body Butter

Hello my lovely readers,

A few weeks ago G and I went to an event from The Body Shop and even though it was kind of awkward, we had a nice time and obviously bought some stuff. In fact, we bought enough to recieve a goodybag! Today I'm reviewing the products I got.
The products I'm going to be talking are a shower gel and a body butter. I bought the shower gel but the body butter was in the goodybag. The shower gel has a special story to it but I'm going to start with the body butter (mwoehaha I'm so mean).
This is the body butter with the shea butter scents. As far as I can remember, I've never tried any products with shea butter in it so I was very curious. Turn out, I like this scent. It smells very warm and nutty and is therefore really good for this time of the year. Normally I'm not such a big fan of nutty scents but this one is really nice. I've tried a lot body butter from The Body Shop and this one is just as good as the other, just with a different scent.

Moving on to my favourite of this review, the Fijan Water Lotus Shower Gel. I smelled this for the first time when I was in London but didn't buy it back them because I was spending way too much. Since then it hasn't left my mind and now I finally bought it. The scent is really hard to describe, it's warm, fresh and flowery at the same time but that isn't a good enough description. On the back it says that this product is infused with Fijan water lotus extract. It's an aquatic fragrance blend of water lotus and frangipani accords (didn't now what this was, turn out it's a tree with fragrant flowers) inspired by the paradise-blue waters of Fiji. Well that obviously doesn't give you a good description because I don't think anybody knows what water lotus or frangipani smells like, you'll have to trust me (and G) on my word that this smells amazing! The scent doesn't linger on my skin after I've taken a shower but there is  body butter and a eau de toilette available as well so you can layer them if you want too.

It is that I some body butter/lotions left but otherwise I would run straight back to the stores and buy the body butter as well (let's forget about the fact that that one costs €18,00). For now I'm totally fine with the shea body butter which is currently on sale for €10,00 and the Fijan Water Lotus Shower Gel which also costs €10,00. I hope I've convinced you to buy something from the Fijan Water Lotus line because I haven't read anything about this wonderful scent anywhere and I think it should get way more attention. Go check it out and buy it if you're not able to resist (like me)


Capturing London in Black & White #1

Hello my lovely readers,

It's finally here, my London posts! G and I went in August but never got around to show the photos I took in a blogpost. Well now I'm finally sharing them in the first post of 'Capturing London in Black & White. I personally love black and white photography because it makes even the simplest photo look epic and I just love the look of it. Get ready for a lot of photos of the first day we spend in the beautiful city of London.
We started of our journey in Nottinghill, Portobello Road to be exact. Somewhere on the internet we had read that there was a market all week, well that wasn't true. There weren't any stalls or anything but this part of London was truly beautiful. 
I only noticed this recently but that guy in the bottom right of the photo is totally photo bombing me! 

We laughed so hard about this little sign, Anti-climb paint, hilarious! 
We both love art a lot so we were very excited about all the amazing street art in Notting Hill, we even spotted a real Banksy!
After that we went to Covent Garden and Leicester Square where we just chilled.
This is one of my favourite photos of the trip, it's just a basic selfie but we look so happy. It's the visualization of how I felt when we were in London. 

Then we made our way Trafalgar Square, this place grew to be one of my favourite places in London. It's incredibly beautiful but I just felt at peace there. All the nice statues and the beautiful building, such a gorgeous place to just sit, eat and relax.Look it's the Netherlands! 
We did hop into the National Gallery really quick but we were so overwhelmed that we went out after 15 minutes (to go back in a few days later).

I absolutely love this photograph. It's a London trademark but shown in a different way, just peeking around the corner of the incredibly tall statue of Napoleon.

And that was what we did on our first day in London (or actually the second since we arrived the day before). I'm going to do more of this 'Capturing London in Black & White' posts in which I will go through every day we spend in this amazing city that I fell in love with.


The Beauty Bag #1

Hello my lovely readers,

I cannot remember on which blog I exactly saw this concept for the first time but I do know that Vivianna from and Lilly from sometimes do this as well. They basically show you which products are in their makeup bag at that moment and I always enjoy reading those posts. Therefore I thought it would be fun to do this myself, let's take a look at the makeup I've been wearing on a daily basis lately.
Here's an overview of all the products I usually wear. I don't wear makeup every single day but when I do these have been my staples. For me this is a simple autumnal look that is perfect for this time of the year. I'll go through them in the way that I apply them.
  • Rimmel Match Perfection Light Perfecting Radiance Foundation: 100 Ivory (review)
    This is my favourite foundation of the moment, the shade is perfect for me and this doesn't break me out at all. It also has an SPF 18 in it which makes a separate sunscreen unnecessary.
  • Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (review)
    I apply my foundation with this brush, it's easy and gives me a flawless base to work with. 
  • Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer: Fair (review)
    After I applied my foundation I move on to concealer. This Collection one is my absolute favourite but unfortunately I cannot get it here in the Netherlands. I don't know what I'm going to do when it runs out because this is perfect for concealer the dark under eye circles that I always seem to have. 
  • Essence Eyebrow Stylist Set: 01 Natural Brunette
    For me brows are very important and I rarely leave the door without doing something to them. Since this summer I've been using this set from Essence and I still love it. The packaging is crappy but the quality of the actual product is really good. I use the lightest color on the inner part of my brows and the darker powder on the outside, this gives my strong but natural brows. Around this time of the year I always feel like brows can be a little bit darker so I usually make a bit darker then I would do in summer. 
  • Catrice Lash//Brow Designer
    I set my brows with this clear browgel. It keeps them in place and makes sure that I don't 'loose' my brows during the day.
  • Maybelline Eyestudio Color Tattoo: 40 Permanent Taupe (review)
    As my eyeshadow base I use this colour tattoo, this matte taupe shade gives my eyes a little bit extra without a lot of effort. It also makes sure that the eyeshadow I use on top doesn't crease at all.
  • MAC Velvet Eyeshadow: Mulch (review)
    After I applied that base I apply this brown shadow in my crease, and blend it out. This was my first MAC product and the shade is absolutely perfect for this time of the year.
  • MAC Frost Eyeshadow: Satin Taupe (review)
    The last eyeshadow I apply is this shimmery taupe one. I apply it all over the lid on top of the Color Tattoo. This gives the look something extra and it just looks very pretty as well.
  • HEMA Waterproof Eyeliner: 01
    Time to give my eyes some more depth by tightlinging them. I use this black eyeliner that stays on for the whole day and I only do this on my top lash line (is that the correct term?).
  • NYC Eyelash Curler
    Not much to say about this step, I just curl my lashes. I don't have any preferences, this is just the one I'm using at the moment. 
  • Maybelline Volum' Express One By One Mascara: Satin Black (review)
    Still using this red devil as my mascara. Back in August I wrote a review about it and now, almost four months later I still don't want to part with it. This makes my lashes look amazing and I still cannot get over the fact that my lashes stay flexible and soft when I wear this. 
  • Catrice All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder: 010 Transparent (review)
    Moving on to the rest of my face and the fact that I hit pan on this powder tells you how much I like this powder. It's a simple basic powder but it keeps my face shine-free for the whole day. It's also really durable because I bought this over a year ago and my pan isn't even that huge.
  • Sleek Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette: Fair 372 (review)
    Time to give my face some definition. I start by contouring a little with the bronzer in this palette. Not much, just a little bit of it in the hollows o my cheeks and on my temples. Then I use the highlighter on top op cheekbones.
  • Catrice Gradation Blush: Waterloo Sunrise (review)
    This blush was part of an spring limited edition but I still use this almost every day. It's a soft pink  shade that makes my look less dead and sick and actually a little bit healthy. 
  • Essence Lipliner: 01 Soft Rose
    This lipliner is becoming a little bit short don't you think? Well it's a good indication for you to actually see how much I use this. During the past month I've mostly been wearing nude lips (with the occasional red lip in between) and this lipliner is the one I use with almost every nude lipstick. 
  • Rimmel By Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick: My Cool Nude
    I was just looking up this lipstick online to see the exact name and guess what, the shade has a name. I think mine is three years old now and I never knew that. Lately I had forgotten this lipstick a bit but now I've rediscovered it and I love it again.
And that was it for the first ever 'Beauty Bag'. Let me know if you liked this post and if you want to see more like it. 


Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Ultra-Volume Mascara

Hello my lovely readers.

Long time no see peeps, it's been a week since I posted something and that's because I had a terrible migraine or Saturday and wasn't even able to open my eyes without knives stabbing my head. On Monday I also didn't post because I hadn't slept all night and just couldn't keep my eyes open. Therefore there weren't any post up on those days but now I'm back with a brand new post.
In today's post I'm reviewing a mascara that my mother got as a sample when she ordered something off Yves Rocher. She never really uses makeup so she asked if I wanted this mascara and of course I said yes. This is the Sexy Pulp Ultra-Volume Mascara.
This is what Yves Rocher has to say about this mascara:
The brush is shaped like an eye and will perfectly align with the lash line. Each lash gets more volume without clumps and de creamy texture coats the lashes without weighing them down.
For this information I had to find the mascara on the website and was a bit surprised when I saw the price. Yves Rocher isn't that expensive but this mascara costs €17,90, which is in my opinion very expensive for a mascara. Let's see if it is worth the money.
The brush of this mascara is massive and has hairs instead of my favourite material for mascara brushes, plastic. I've tried several mascaras with this sort of big brush and I never really like any of them. Usually these type of brushes give my lashes volume but also clump them together and make a mess all around my eyes. 
without mascara - with mascara
I have to say that I'm quite impressed with it. It give my lashes a lot of volume, quite a lot of length and it also separated them nicely. This mascara might not be the cheapest but the quality is definately nice. The only thing I don't like it the size of the brush, this makes it almost impossible to apply mascara without getting black dots all over my lid. This is however easily resolved by using a dry cotton swab and wiping them away (once the mascara has dried).

This is a nice mascara but because of the price I wouldn't but it again. I think €17,90 is just too expensive for a mascara, even if it's a good one like this. If you are interested however you can order it here or go to the an Yves Rocher store. It's available in the shades black, blue and brown.


L'Oréal Color Riche Blake's Pure Red

We're already halfway through November, can you believe that? At the end of October I did a haul (click here) and in that post I told you that I got a new lipstick from L'Oréal. I also refused to tell you in what shade but today I'm finally reviewing that lipstick.

The lipstick is from L'Oréal's 'Collection Exclusive'. Here in the Netherlands there are four shades of these 'Pure Reds' line available;
  • Julianne'sPure Red
  • Doutzen's Pure Red
  • Laetitia's Pure Red
  • Blake's Pure Red
When I was searching for other reviews of this lipstick online, I also found some other ones then the ones we have here in the Netherlands. Maybe each country has different lipsticks/ambassadors?

The lipstick comes in black packaging but it's textured, it looks a little bit like black crocodile skin if you'd ask me. All the other details are gold which gives the lipstick a very chic and sophisticated look. I think it looks very pretty, especially the texture.

In the actual lipstick the brand name is stamped which makes this lipstick look even more sophisticated. I like the looks of it, let's take a look at the actual quality of it.

WAUW, this is a gorgeous lipstick. It's deep red and matte but incredibly soft and moisturizing at the same time. It applies like a dream and I cannot get over the colour, I love this bloody dark red. Since this is lipstick is intended for types like Blake Lively this lipstick looks gorgeous on girls with pale skin and blonde hair but I think it also works on my as a brunette. Fun fact about me, when I was born I had thick black hair, then all that hair disappeared and grew back blonde. Over the years my hair went darker and darker and now it's mostly brown but sometimes a little bit reddish if the sun hits is right and in the summer it turns lighter. I don't know if the fact that I used to be blonde makes this lipstick look good on me or the fact that this just is a gorgeous lipstick. I think the second one haha.

Even though L'Oréal is quite expensive here in the Netherlands, I have absolutely no regrets buying it. This lipstick is gorgeous and I think I will wear it way too much in the next couple of months. With a simple pair of heels and t-shirt this  lipstick looks casually and beautifully and with a nice dress and heels this lipstick looks glamorous and sexy.

I thought it would be nice to end this post with the gorgeous campaign photo for the 'Pure Reds' line. Blake's lipstick costs €14,99 and is definitely worth it and now I really want to try the dark one that has Laetitia Casta as the face of it. That just seems like the perfect dark autumn lipstick. Maybe when Maybelline has a sale going on I'll buy it....


Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish: 'Crazy Fancy Love' & 'A Hint Of Love'

Hello lovelies,

It's Monday again, the worst day of the week in my opinion. To make this Monday a little bit more bearable I'm going to show you two gorgeous nail polishes. Last Thursday I already showed you two nail polishes from Essence (click here) and now it's time for the other two, one shimmery and one metallic.
The gold metallic polish is called '164 Crazy Fancy Love' and the red one with glitters is called '169 A Hint of Love', two festive polishes that will hopefully be perfect for the upcoming holiday season.
'Crazy Fancy Love' is a gorgeous metallic polish that needs three coats to be opaque. It is a little bit streaky at first but it's not impossible to get it streakless. 'A Hint of Love' is the complete opposite, it's a pinkish red with a shitload of shimmer. This is opaque in just two coats. Just like the first two polishes these have pretty good quality. They might not last as long but the colours are gorgeous and for the price you cannot leave them at the store.
You can buy these polishes for €1,69.


Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty

Hello my lovely readers,

Time for a perfume review today, this is a perfume that I've had for a while (read have been stealing from my mother for a while). Now my mother finally bought a new bottle and I saw my chance, time to take some photos and tell you what I think about it.
The perfume I'm talking about is 'Sheer Beauty' by Calvin Klein. Here are the notes:
Top notes: Bergamot, bellini and red berries
Middle notes: Lily, peony and jasmine
Base notes: Vanilla, sandalwood and musk
It's a fresh scent that's perfect for the summer/spring time but because of the musk, sandalwood and vanilla it's warm as well. I personally don't like jasmine but luckily this flower isn't overpowering. 'Sheer Beauty' is a fresh scent that can be worn all year around.
Just like the scent, the bottle is gorgeous. The bottle is light pink and for some reason it reminds me of a feather. It just looks light and dainty even though the glass of the bottle is quite thick. I also really like the lid, compared to the rest of the bottle the lid looks very robust and though. I like contrasts like this a lot.
This isn't a new perfume but I still wanted to show it to you because I love it. Another great thing about it is the price, for 30ml you only pay € 48,83 which is definitely not that expensive for a perfume like this. I can highly recommend this perfume to anyone who's looking for a fresh scent with some warmth to it.