Clothes I got #1

Hello my lovely readers,

I did quite a lot of shopping lately and I thought it would be fun to share my recent purchases with you. The first four items are pretty random but then I have some items from Primark and some from H&M that I ordered online. I could have remembered the prices wrong but I hope you don't mind if I'm a couple euros off, I also linked them (green) if I could find the items online.
This is a basic piece that I've been eying for a while and I couldn't let is pass when it was on sale. It usually costs €39,95 but I found it for €15,-. That's a good deal right?
Green floral top from Topshop, price unknown
I got this from a Dutch thriftwebshite (similair to Ebay), I had seen this sketchy flower print in a jumpsuit last summer and I thought it was gorgeous, just too expensive. Not I found the top for a very good deal and I just love it. 
Bastille t-shirt, €25,00
The ones of you that have read my photo diary, know that I've been to their concert in Amsterdam (read my photo diary by clicking here) and while I was there, I bought this super cool top. It was quite expensive for a simple t-shirt but the quality feels amazing and I just love Bastille!
Vila denim top, €25,00
A while ago I had a grease-themed party and I wore this top there (combined with some high waisted black jeans. When I ordered it, I didn't think I would wear this in real-life as well but I thought it looked actually really cute and I think this will look very pretty during the spring time with some converse. Who cares if I could play in grease when I wear it :) 
Blue floral top from Primark, €7,00
These kind of tops are just perfect for the summer and I love the print on this. Blue is a color that really flatters me and I'm really into floral lately.
Blue cropped top with lace sleeves from Primark, €5,00
Another blue item and my first crop top! I've never been into the cropped top trend, I feel like it's a little bit skanky to show of your belly like that (especially if your belly isn't flat). My opinion about them has changes a little bit lately, I think you can get away with it as long as you wear high waisted pants. Therefore I thought I could give it a try.
Navy blouse with a bow neckline from Primark,  €12,00
My last blue item, I promise. This time not kobalt blue, this time it's navy. I love these kind of chiffon blouses (not real, it's still Primark) because they go with everything. They look quite fancy but if you pair them with some jeans (what I usually do) they looks super cute for school.
Neon pink sweater from Primark, €15,00
Then my last item from Primark. When I bought this it was still quite cold but now I cannot wear this anymore (it's 20 degrees out there!). I cannot wait until the next winter when I can finally wear this again.  
Parlez-vous français? top from H&M, €9,95
My French isn't good but even I can understand this (can you speak French?). I'm  against wearing tops without knowing what the text your wearing means or wearing a band shirt and not being able to name one song or band member of that band and therefore this top is perfect for me. I can understand what it says and I like the eiffel tower, win-win!
Pink top, €9,95
PINKPINKPINK, I love me some pink.
Black off Shoulder-dress from H&M, €14,95
This is the dress I bought to wear to my graduation. Here in the Netherlands we don't get those big toga's or hats but that doesn't mean I won't dress up for the occasion. This classic off shoulder-dress makes me look older than I actually am (which is good since I look quite young) and paired with some heels it will be a gorgeous look I think.
Jeans from H&M, €29,95
I needed some new jeans so I bought some new ones, usually I go for darker ones but with spring coming up I thought I should go for some lighter ones. That's exactly what I did.
Sport top from H&M, €14,95 + Sport leggings from H&M, €19,95
I also needed some new sports attire, I have holes in my jogging pants and for some reason I always loose my sport tops. The top I got is sheerer than I expected but but a neon sports bra underneath (I have a pink one) it will look very cute. The pants I got are just plain black three quarter length legging, working out is the only time people should be allowed to wear leggings in my opinion, otherwise you have to be really skinny and be able to pull them off, which is quite hard for most people.

And were done! I don't buy that many clothes because I don't get clothing money and I have to pay for everything myself. Quite hard when your still in highschool and just have a little side job in saturday but you don't hear me moaning. I very happy that I'm able to buy clothes in the first time and it's not that I never get clothes from my parents.
I hope you enjoyed reading and scrolling through this post and please leave a comment in the comment section telling me what your most recent purchase was, I would love to hear it!


Catrice Kohl Kajal 170 Blues Willis

Hello my lovely readers,

We're near to the end of the first week on my renewed blog and I hope you all like the new design and name. I wanted to update you on a few things that are going on in my life at the moment, next week is full of tests for me and then I'm done with my lessons (sort of). In May I have my finals and after that I'm free for three months (going on a holiday twice!). During those months I'll be blogging more than I do now, my current schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Saturday but from then I'll try to upload every other day (just like I used to do). This means more reviews, content and just fun stuff on my blog starting at the end of may!

Now let's move on to the review, a review of an eyepencil by Catrice. I don't own a lot of eyepencils (only a few in basic shades) and I thought it was time to give my collection a little colorful boost. Catrice has launched two new shades of their Kohl Kajal pencils, a blue one and a green one. I went for the blue one and I really hope this is just as good as the black one I already own.
Like I said, I already own the black version, called '010 Ultra Black', which is a really nice one. I never wrote a review about it (don't really know why) but you can believe me on my word, it's GOOD! Catrice came out with two new shades when they renewed their assortiment last Febuary; '170 Blues Willis' and '180 Too Cool For Pool' of which I bought the first one.
These pencils from Catrice have a really sleek and simple design which I like a lot. Not the twist-up pencils that have been a hype lately, no just the old skool pencil that you have to sharpen. I prefer these kind of pencils because they have sharper points, twist-up pencils are never really sharp but these are (DUH you sharpen them).
I already knew that these pencils were pigmented but this might come as a surprise to you. The pencils are really creamy but they don't move once they're set on your lids. The colour is really vibrant and bright and this gorgeous blue is just a true stunner for the spring time (and summer as well).
The look I made with this pencil is really natural but has that pop of colour due to the blue liner, I really think it brings your eye look to another dimension. I only applied it to my lower lash line to keep this appropriate for everyday I and just love the effect this gives. My eyes are greenish/grey so this blue doesn't make them pop as it would do with brown eyes but it does give me a very awake and open look.
I used the following products to create this look. If they're green, you can click on them to go to the reviews.

I'm very pleased with my new and bright addition to my collection and I think I'll be using this a lot during the spring time, the look I created with this has been stuck to my eyes for almost a week now (not literally, you know what I mean) and I really want to buy some more shades of this. The purple and grey ones look absolutely gorgeous to me.
These pencils cost €1.99 and they are definitely worth that, I would pay even more for quality like this.


NYC Cityproof Twistable Intense Lip Color; 030 Metropolitan Mauve

Hello my lovely readers,

I'm very happy to see you on my revamped blog; 'Flowers instead of lemons'. Today I have a review of one of the most loved budget products that has come out lately; the Cityproof Twistable Intense Lip Color by NYC. These are supposed to be dupes for the famous Chubby sticks by Clinic (which are quite expensive). These ones from NYC are way cheaper and if the reviews I read were correct, just as good. 
These lipproducts have been in stores for a while now and there are not expensive, only €3,99 and you can choose out of 12 shades. I went for '030 Metropolitan Mauve', the other shades are very beautiful as well but this one appealed the most to me.
The other shades:
  • 010 Lonita Neutral
  • 011 Brooklyn Brown Stone
  • 020 Riverside Rose
  • 021 Parsons Pink
  • 022 Fulton ST Fushia
  • 030 Metropolitan Mauve (the one I own)
  • 031 Gramercy Park Plum
  • 040 South Ferry Berry
  • 041 Ballroom Blush
  • 050 Park Slope Peach
  • 051 Canal ST Coral
  • 052 Roosevelt Island Red
NYC stays very true to it's image (all the names are have a name that has something to do with New York), without being boring. Well done.
No swatch on my arm today but I think this photo of my lips gives you a good impression of the shade. It's a gorgeous pale pink that is perfect for spring (it reminds me a lot of the NYX Butter Gloss I reviewed last month, read my review here). The product is really creamy and much more pigmented than I was expecting, I love it!
I'm definitely going to pick up more shades of this, I've looked up some swatches of the other shades and especially 041 Ballroom Blush and look gorgeous to me. The price will certainly not stop me because €3,99 is simply no money for such a beautiful product.


Flowers instead of lemons

Hello my loves,

Wait what, have I gone to the wrong blog? Don't be freaked out because you're still on, I've only changed the name. I didn't feel like Ordinary Dutch Girl fitted me anymore and I though, why not change it in something I like better.
This is my new banner including my new name; 'Flowers instead of lemons'. We all know the saying 'When life gives you lemons, make lemon lemonade' and this is a saying I've always found very intriguing. At first that is what I wanted to call my blog (make lemon juice) but then I thought; life doesn't always give you lemons. Sometimes life gives you flowers, by this I mean all the beautiful moments life offers you. I think you can fill these moments in for yourself and I hope you still keep visiting my blog because I enjoy writing it very much!


Spring Cleaning: Closet Clean-out

Hello my lovely readers!

I am very excited and I think you can guess why; SPRING HAS STARTED! The cows are jumping on the fields, flowers are popping up and the sun is shining again (the weather last thursday was amazing in Holland). Every year when spring is peeking around the corner, I start cleaning. Every year is the same, I just have to clean my room and then when it's clean, I can finally decorate with fresh flowers and pretty pastel colours. But now I'm talking ahead of myself, first the cleaningpart and today I cleaned out my closet. Lets get started.
This is how my closet looks in it's current state a very big mess. First you'll have to empty out your closet completely. I have a IKEA Pax wardrobe (1 meter x 0.50 meter x 2.50 meter) but I'm not very happy with it at the moment. I would really like another rail and more planks or something because this just doesn't work that well.
I started at the bottom (and now were here ;)) but I would recommend started at the top of your closet because dust will fall down again from the top shelves as you clean the rest out. Don't forget to wipe the whole thing clean before you do anything else.
Than I sprits a perfume in the empty closet (to make it smell nice), I use a very lightweight and  cheap perfume from Zara to do this and it works just fine. It makes my closet smell nice when I open it in the morning, a little luxury that makes life a little bit more pleasant. When I've done this I close the wardrobe for a while before I start hanging.
BOEM! Everything  I want to hang is in there. I hung the clothes in the following order (from left to right):

  1. Coats. Mainly wintercoats, I switched them for the season. I only kept my favourite wintercoat and my summer jackets down in the hallway.
  2. Special dresses. All my dresses that are for special occasions (including an orange one for the things like queensday (now called kingsday) and the football season.
  3. Other dresses. Sorted by sleeve length (longer to shorter). 
  4. Blazers and jackets. Sorted by shape (more structured jackets to looser jackets).
  5. Blouses. Sorted by sleeve length (longer to shorter). 
  6. Tops. Any other tops (sorted by type and sleeve length.
  7. Skirts. 
And now I'm almost done with this part of the closet, there's some space left underneath the empty hanger and I will put that to use!
Here I have a cardboard box with shoes (flip flops, sandals and such shoes) with two plaids on top. On top of that I have the box that I keep my empty products in.
Time to move on the area with planks, the area that I really want to change. My closet is very deep which makes it really quickly look very messy. My budget won't allow me to change this right now but I can do my best in making it as neat as possible.
I have this divider from IKEA which has been a lifesaver for keeping underwear, socks, belts and that kind of stuff in. Everything has it's own basket and it's very convenient, in the morning it's super easy to find some warm socks in the dark. This was completely stuffed  but I've thrown a lot of things away and now I even have one basket that's still empty.
My shorts I keep in a little basket (I've learned this trick from AllThatGlitters21 a while ago), a very easy and cheap way to organise your shorts. I don't have a lot of shorts, I never have, but now I have way too little (four, one is in the washer machine!!). Here in the Netherlands we don't get a lot of days to wear shorts but four is just not enough. But let's look at it in a brighter way, now I have an excuse to go shopping!
Next to these two baskets, I keep my folded tops. I will talk you through them quickly (clockwise). Next to my shorts I have summer dresses that don't need the be on a hanger, on top I keep my sport tops since the Dutch weather won't allow me to wear easy breezy dresses very often. Than I have sweaters, the stack is way bigger than it looks like on this photo because half of my sweaters is in the washer machine. I had to wear a lot of them lately. Than I have tops without sleeves and on the left I have t-shirts and tops with three quarter sleeves. After I took this photo I moved the tops with sleeves to the right, against the tops without sleeves. 
In the space I have left, I decided to put my jewelry. I'm not a huge jewelry-wearer, I only really wear necklaces but those are hanging on my door and therefore not here in my closet.
Than my favourite shelf, my shoes! Here I keep all my heels and I love having these out like this, it makes me wanna wear them and it's just pretty to look at. I placed the ones in the back full on top of shoe boxes (that are also filled with shoes). The only flat pair that I have here are those brown boots (I wear these in the snow) in the right, they don't fit anywhere else and they look nice there. 
This is what I made from the top shelves, this has some things from my dad and my little brothers but it also holds my towel and bed linen. To hide this I placed some bags and my Marc Jacobs Coca Cola Bottles in from of it. And that was it for the cleaning part, now your closet is ready for admiring. I took some photos from things in my closet and that what I want to end my Closet clean-out post with.
One of my favourite party dresses. This one from the H&M holiday collection 2012 is a true showstopper.
 A ring and bracelet from when I was a little girl.
My only vintage piece. My grandmothers mother brought this home from a holiday in Austria. My grandmother got this brooch from her when she had her first child (my father) and she passed it down to me on my sixteenth birthday. I don't know the exact facts but she got it in the sixties. The brooch is gorgeous but I haven't worn it because it isn't really my style but maybe when I'm a older......

Let me know if you want me to photograph more pieces in my closet and then I will do a separate post on that.