My Favourite Albums & Songs of the moment #5

Hello my loves,

It's time for a new favourite albums post, it's already the fifth one! This month I went back to school and that meant hearing the summer break-stories of my friends, sharing holiday pictures and of course cycling to school. Before school started I went on the internet, searching for new albums, singers and songwriters and I found some really cool new music (new for me, some albums have been out for a while).
My Favourite Albums
The Bravery - The Sun and the Moon 
I was going through my iTunes and I saw the soundtracks from the Twilight Saga. I used to love listening to those and I decided to check some of the bands and singers out. The Bravery was one of those bands and I love this albums from 2007.
Favourite Tracks: 
'This is Not the End'
'Every Word is a Knife in my Ear'
'Time Won't Let Me Go'
'Split Me Wide Open'
'The Ocean'
Angus and Julia Stone - Memories of an Old Friend
Agnus is Julia's brother and together they form a folk-blues group. I found this couple through the Twilight soundtrack as well and I love listening to them. Their music calms me down and it's perfect for rainy days full of homework. I've to wait until my salary comes in but then I'll definately buy their other albums as well because they're just perfect for the autumn winter time.
Favourite Tracks:
'Paper Aeroplane'
'Little Bird'
'Love Will Take You'
Thea Gilmore - Regardless
I can't remember how I found this albums but I think I'm in love with it. It's another album that's perfect for rainy days and homework but this one has just something special that makes it different than anything I've ever heard. Thea's voice is really calming and her music can be described as folk with a little rock edge but still very intimate.
Favourite tracks:
'Spit and Shine'
'Love Came Looking for Me'
'My Friend Goodbye'
The Swell Season - Strict Joy
Yet another albums I found thanks to the Twilight soundtrack. The number on that soundtrack is called 'The Moon' and I love that song just as much as their album. The Swell Season consists out of an Irish musician and a Czech singer and Pianist with unpronounceable names. There music is described just like Thea Gilmore's music, folk in combination with rock but their music is a little more rock than hers 
Favourite tracks:
'Low Rising'
'Feeling the Pull'
'The Rian'
'I Have Loved You Wrong'
Passenger - All The Little Lights
This albums has been out for a while now but I've just started listening to it recently. I know I've been saying this about a lot of albums lately but his music really calms me down. It's perfect for the cold and rainy autumn days and therefore perfect for this time a year.
Favourite Tracks: 
'Let Her Go'
'All The Little Lights'
'Patient Love'
'I Hate'
My Favourite Tracks
I'm not going to describe every song because that would be boring for you to read but here are the songs I've been listening to a lot lately.
Ellie Goulding - Burn
Niels Geusebroek - Take Your Time Girl
Please you to iTunes a check this song out. His name is probably unpronounceable for you foreigners but Niels is an amazing Dutch singer and this song is so good!
Fall Out Boy - Young Vulcanoes
Coldplay - Atlas
I'm a huge fan of both Coldplay and of the Hunger Games. I can't wait for the movie but this soundtrack is a good start.
Stromae - Moules Frites
I'm a bit ashamed to incorporate this song in here but it's the truth. I've been listening a lot to his album in general but this song is one of my favorites and I can sing along the whole song even though my french isn't good in any way. The song is just so funny and danceable (is this a word?).
Bon Jovi - Have A Nice Day 
A golden oldie but still an amazing song that I listen to a lot. 
Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball
I hate the video clip but the song is great
Ariana Grande - Piano
Maitre Gims - J'me Tire

That was it for this month and I really hope you liked reading this. Please share your favourite albums and songs in the comments and maybe we'll be able to learn about new music from each other.

HEMA Nail Polish Remover

Hello my loves,

Today I don't have a very extensive review for you. I'm just going to give you my opinion on a nail polish remover I picked up recently, just because I ran out of my old one. It's going to be short because I can't really write a long story about a nail polish remover, can I? I still wanted to tell you about it since it is something I'm going to be using on a regular basis.
Excuse me for the dark pictures, I can't change the Dutch weather. 
HEMA sells two nail polish removers the one I´m reviewing today is with lanolin but they also have one without lanolin and without acetone. Another kind of nail polish remover they sell is the Dip & Clean one, I adore this one and I'm currently using my third bottle of it.
I bought the soft yellow nail polish remover because I'm thinking of buying a gel nails at home set and to remove gel nails, you will need a nail polish remover with acetone. Here's a list of the ingredients that are in this remover.
  • Acetone
  • Aqua
  • Peg-75 Lanolin Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
  • CI 19140
I always remove my nail polish by using a specific method (if I'm not using the Dip & Clean jar). I cut a cotton pad in a few pieces and soak every piece in the nail polish remover using the lid. Then I lay the tiny piece of cotton on  my nail and press it firmly. I let is soak into the nail polish for a while and wipe the cotton pad off with a firm motion. By doing this I easily remove all my nail polish from my nail in and it's really quick as well.
I really noticed the presence of the acetone in the remover because it stun a little and I was remembered why I always by acetone-free nail polish removers. This also means it should be perfect for removing gel nails.
When I buy a gel nail at home set (maybe the one from Essence) I'll definitely write a review about it and than I can also let you know if this remover works for that.

Essence Glossy Lipbalm

Helo my loves,

In my NYC KissGloss review I told that I'm really into lipglosses lately and I also told you that I got a few new ones. The other ones I got were these Glossy Lipbalms by Essence.
I only picked up three because that's all what was left of these glossy lipbalms. The three I picked up are colored pink.
  • 01 Strawberry Cheesecake
  • 02 Apple Pie
  • 03 Cherry Brownie
  • 04 Mint Drop
  • 05 Mango Icecream
  • 06 Berry Cupcake
If I like these lipglosses I can always pick up some other flavours shades, I really want the strawberry cheesecake and the mint drop ones, so I basicly want every one except the apple pie one. You can tell me that I'm crazy but I just don't like the taste of apple pies, I know I'm weird.
The glosses come in tiny see through squeezy tubes which makes them really easy to throw into your purse and take them with you. I think the packaging looks a little bit cheap but I find that's always the case with Essence products.Another pro or con side can be the smell. All three glosses smell really sweet (I can't tell if they actually smell like they're called because I have a really bad cold at the moment and I don't smell anything) and that could be a con side for you, I personally like sweet smells. 
I was pretty pleased with the pigmentation when I swatched the glosses on my wrist but that feeling was gone when I applied the product to my lip. The glosses are almost completely sheer on my lips and the only one that shows a little bit of pigment is '05 Mango Icecream'. 
  • 03 Cherry Brownie: A very sheer reddish (cherry) colour
  • 05 Mango Icecream: A sweet soft pink colour that reminds me of a milkshake
  • 06 Berry Cupcake: A sheer fuchsia colour with silvery blue shimmers 
I think my favourite one out of the three is is '05 Mango Icecream' because it has the most pigment in it. My least favorite shade it '06 Berry Cupcake' because of the shimmers in it. I don't think silver shimmers look flattering in a lipgloss, it makes you look really cheap and a little bit skanky if I'm honest. 
The glosses don't stay on very long but they do make my lips feel really nice, not necessarily softer but definitely smooth.  You'll have to reapply them after an hour and a half (I timed it)
I cannot say that I'm very impressed by the glosses, mainly because the pigmentation isn't amazing. Still I'm pretty pleased with these glosses and I think '05 Mango Icecream' is a great everyday colour and an amazing try-it-out-gloss, I mean a lipgloss for someone who has never worn lipgloss before. This because they're only €0,99 which is cheap as hell for a lipgloss. I'll let you know in an empties post how quick I finish these because they only hold 8 ml and I'm very curious to see how fast these go.

Catrice Glamour Doll Volume Mascara

Hello my loves,

I wasn't the biggest fan of the last mascara I reviewed for you which was the 'Lashes To Kill' one by Catrice, it wasn't bad or anything but I wouldn't repurchase it. No, when I went to the stores for a new mascara I bought a golden oldie.
I know I've written a review of this mascara a long time (about a year) ago but I've lost those picture unfortunately, that's when I thought 'Hé, maybe I should review this again and see if it's just as good as I remember'.
This time I noticed something about the packaging, it look a lot like the Lancôme Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara, what a coincidence. I like it and I think it looks really classic with the curves shape and the silver accents. I'm curious to see if the want will look the same as the Lancôme one.
Nope, there goes that dream, the want looks a little bit alike but not that much. Both the wants are shapes like a triangle but they're both very different. I don't know about the Lancôme one but the Catrice Glamour Doll mascara has synthetic hair that are really good in dividing my lashes. Because the brush is relatively small which makes it easy to apply the mascara at the roots of your lashes.
Maybe you'll understand why this is my favourite mascara after seeing these pictures but I'll tel you another reason why. This mascara doesn't smudge, not one smudge at all. It also makes my lashes fuller and gives them a nice curl (I didn't curl them on the pictures above).
And still, this remains my favourite mascara of all times. It does everything I want in a mascara and the price is amazing a well, €3,99, how amazing is that?

New Banner: It's Autumn

Hello my loves,

Yesterday it was officially autumn and a change of seasons is a change of banners on my blog. The new banner looks less summery than the last one and I hope you like it.  
Here are the links to the blogposts in which the pictures of this banner were featured:

I hope you like my new banner and that you'll return every other day for a new blogpost. A little preview of tomorrows review, it's about my favourite mascara.

An Autumn Look #2

Hello my loves,

I'm back with another eye look for autumn for and this time it's a little bit darker than last time. The last autumn look I made with the new Catrice Liquid Metal Eyeshadows and this time I'm going deeper into the metal trend with a metallic smokey eye.

I know, I need the epilate my eyebrows.
My second look is (like you can see on the picture) a lot darker than the last autumn look I made. I used a metallics pallette from Essence which  is really old and not available anymore (but there are a lot other metallic dark eyeshadows out there). Here's a guide for recreating this look.
  1. Prime your eyes by using an eyeshadow primer. (Essence, I <3 Stage Eyeshadow Base)
  2. Apply a silver eyeshadow all over your lid and blend it a little bit into your crease. (Essence, Metallics Quattro Eyeshadow, 02 Steel Me)
  3. Blend a dark grey into your crease using windshield wiper-motions. (Essence, Metallics Quattro Eyeshadow, 02 Steel Me)
  4. Use a metallic peach over the silver eyeshadow to give your eyes more dimension (Catrice, Absolute Eye Colour, 630 Fancy A Coppa Tea?)
  5. Apply a shimmery dark black eyeshadow into your outer-V. (Essence, Metallics Quattro Eyeshadow, 02 Steel Me)
  6. Use that same shimmery black to line your lower lashline (Essence, Metallics Quattro Eyeshadow, 02 Steel Me) and apply a teal colour over it. (Catrice, Delightfully Soft Eye Shadow, C03 Sea Of Green)
  7. Give your eyes a lift by using a highlighter in your innercorner (Essence, Snow Jam Jumbo Eye Pencil, 02 Petrol Snow Queen) and on your browbone (NYC, Individual Eyes, 943 Smokey Greens)
  8. Apply a winged eye liner. (Rimmel, Exaggerate Eye Liner, 001 Black)
  9. Finish off your look by curling your lashes (NYC, Eyelash Curler) and applying a thick layer of mascara to them. (Catrice, Glamour Doll Volume Mascara)
This seems an awful long list of steps but it's real easy to do, believe me.I think this is a great look for school but some of you might think it's a little bit to heavy, I personally don't really care.

What I wouldn't wear with it is a really bright blush or a bright lip colour, that would be a little bit to much. I would recommend a nude lip like Catrice The Nuder The Better and a soft pink blush like Rimmel 120 Pink Rose.
I hope you've enjoyed reading this blogpost and please let me know what your favourite look for autumn is.

Maybelline Super Stay 14HR Lipstick

Hello my loves,

When you're reading this it's probably a while ago but I went to the cinemas yesterday and before the movie started me and my friends had an hour to shop. We went into a perfumery and we stopped at the Maybelline section. At the moment there was a three for one sale going on and convenient enough, we were with three.
Weirdly enough all three of our eyes fell on the same product, the Maybelline Super Stay 14 hr Lipsticks. I hope I remember this correctly but I believe one of my friends bought '160 Infinitely Fuschia (she bought a hot pink colour with fuschia in the name, I looked at the Maybelline website and I think it's that one). My other friend bought the same one as I did, we bought '430 Stay With Me Coral'.'
If I'm honest I think the packaging looks kind of cheap, it's white with silver and a clear section in which the colour shines through. I would've liked it better if the white had been black, that would've looked more sophisticated.
 Maybelline promises a lot of things about this lipstick including a super rich colour with super staying power. This without dragging, drying or any other letdowns at all. With this lipstick you don't have to choose between longwear and comfort anymore. Some lipsticks can be drying to your lips but the new lightweight formula of this lipstick without making your lips dry.
I found some kind of manual and it gives the following instructions.
Apply your lip colour by starting in the center of your upper lip and work from the center to the outer edges of your lips, following the contours of your mouth. Then glide across the entire bottom lip.
Let's do this and I need to be careful since the swatch I made on my wrist is extremely pigmented.
Vavavoom, that's a gorgeous pigmented coral lip, at least that is what it looks like on the picture. This lipstick is a true chameleon and I'll tell you why. When I wear this lipstick it looks coral but as soon as I step out into the sun it turns into a bright pink colour but when my friend wears it, it look more reddish instead.
The finish of this lipstick is just up my alley, semi-matte. I like matte lipsticks better because they usually stay on longer than lipsticks with a shiny finish.
I'm in love with this lipstick and so is my friend, the colour is amazing and it last literally forever. But there's one thing we both don't like about this and that's the formula, it really dries out your lips and if wear this a few days straight you lips are dry as hell. This doesn't mean that it's a bad lipstick, if you apply a lipbalm or something on a few minute before you apply the lipstick you'll prevent this.
Another thing I don't like it the colour range, in the Netherlands we can choose out seven shades but when I checked the American one, I found out that they've twenty shades, it's not fair.
You can buy the Maybelline Super Stay 14 hr Lipstick for €12,99.